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Shadows in the Heart-Space

This post is for my 05/14/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

A 30' ivory Grecian column upon connection, reaching at an angle from the third eye, into space. Then a tornado of stormy energy touching down at the heart.

Holding and sharing Reiki the message came: "Put your priorities first".

What are your priorities right now? Why? Is it time to reflect and reassess? Sometimes things take the forefront of our attention and energies with unconscious intention.

Drawn down to the root there was a sense of uneasiness and confusion, especially around time. Instability in connecting with the moment, or even knowing the day/date/time. This circled back to the idea of priorities and forecasting what will be important, rather than living in the now and determining what is important in the present. Sending Reiki to the root this loosened, vaporized and resettled.

Giving attention to the flow of the chakras up from here, day-dreamy and misty emotions and images came and went, like we're processing energies from other timelines or histories; through a veil.

Back at the heart I held for quite some time, and with that time a dark, shadowy energy became present. Swirling with the power of obsidian, tourmaline, and smoky quartz. An intense processing of the hidden - perhaps empowered with the new moon, or shadow work, or the clearing of lower chakral blocks on another level. It took me a while to realize this circled back into the stormy tornado energy that touched down at the heart-space when I was first beginning our session.

I drew two cards from Dianna Cooper's "Angels of Light" deck, for support and guidance with today's session: SELF-WORTH, with the Affirmation "I am confident and worthwhile" and INTROSPECTION, with the Affirmation "I claim time and space for myself". (full card descriptions can be read in the images)

I started with a White Sage clearing, then -though I hadn't used any oil or incense- in the dreamy-images portion of the session I smelled Patchouli essential oil for a bit, which cleared suddenly into the lingering White Sage smoke. I included ceremonial cacao for plant medicine support from Mama Cacao, and I ended with some Green Mandarin essential oil on the throat, temples and third eye.

Thank you so much for participating and reading!! I wish you all the best, knowing the support and wisdom of this Reiki energy will provide exactly what you need, and will continue to work with your body and your higher self in the days to come.

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