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Shouldering Burdens

This post is for my 01/27/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I was called to Rose Quartz and various shaped Obsidian and dark stones in the altar for this session.

Leaning on support.

Brace Yourself.

Pressure on the Shoulders. A curling forward. Fetal Position.

I saw Reiki like a liquid white salve, dripping onto the shoulders and absorbing in, instantly releasing the muscle tension. Allowing the breath to return and be soothing.

The tightness came back lower: at the bottom of the shoulder blades and back of the mid-ribs. A violent image accompanying it, ripping open with a spewing mass of red and black vines. Perhaps a surging anger at the past; some profound betrayal or possibly even ancestral raging that has been deeply stifled. While intense and a seemingly dark presence, the release felt cathartic and long overdue. Sensation then moving to the front Heart Space, with the emotion and physical release of last sniffles and wiped out relaxation one experiences after full-bodied grieving sobs.

There were also some light but recurring nudges toward coping with something disharmonious or distracting, and questions on how to deal with it. The guidance was to stand up for what you prefer, speak your mind, and make a (or ask for) change rather than dealing with the interruption to your sense of well-being.

Some waves of tension came back to the tops of the shoulders related to a sense of burden. Particularly into one painful point on the left side. It felt some light stretching or rolls might help the release here, along with heat, topical treatment, or massage, to fully bring in physical peace and emotional comfort.

I held some time at the Third Eye and Throat, as these centers seemed connected into the shoulder sensations. Clearing came here related to toxic beliefs that were no longer serving.

For continuing guidance #4 HAPPY FAMILY: Closeness, Fun, and Caring, upright, came from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck (image and full description below). Perhaps this is an omen for coming celebrations and connections, now that some old beliefs and energies have cleared. It could also represent turning toward the Heart-connections you have available, re-centering, recognizing and giving gratitude to spaces you may have found growing, drifting.

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Closeness, Fun, and Caring


The rainbow over this happy family portends a time of joy and celebration. Close connections are available, so don’t overlook the fun and frivolity that a friend or family experience can bring. The value that you find in a truly loving relative or friend brings a higher vibration to your life force. You may be distract3ed or busy, but remember to put this part of your life in the forefront of your priorities.

If you’re single, finding this card in your spread could indicate a potential meeting (and perhaps relationship) with someone who has children from a previous marriage. This ready-made family might bring some challenges, but it could be your destiny in this lifetime.

This card may also simply signify a celebration coming up, such as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday party. Enjoy!

AFFIRMATION: I open myself to a new and deeper experience of family, and I am ready to see greater happiness there. I know that I am the loving family I need.

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