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Smoke, Portals & Veils

This post is for my 11/10/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

It was a nice, crisp fall day as I was getting ready, so I prepared to do some of today’s session outdoors. As I mentioned in my setup notes, I also set the intention to invite and call in the energies of the current 11/11 Portal to assist for the highest good with today’s sharing of Reiki.

Since I would be outside I was excited to bring in smoke. (I haven’t been able to use much indoors lately, as we’ve been figuring out some kitty allergies/sensitivities.) In my excitement I grabbed four sources for smudging: Rose incense, a Copal incense stick, Sage, and Palo Santo. I wasn’t sure which would feel right as I started connecting, and found myself called to use all! A mass-clearing of layers, layers, layers. Elements to assist everyone, every situation, on each and every level.

Sitting in the smoke, joining to the group, and opening to Reiki I looked up. Honoring the sky. I tend to sense portal energies from the sky – my own inference.

A message about being ready- a decision has been made, and you’re ready… but don’t force it. Remember you are working with the Universe, and the Universe is working with you. Honor patience in collaboration.

From here I went into a card draw from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck. On my third shuffle a card flipped out into my lap: #13 FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS, upright (full card description with picture, below). What stood out most for this session was the sign of change, and the line, “I can move through any cycle with dignity and awareness.”

After focusing on the card came the message: Bring in your tribesmen and women, bring in your supportive community.

It’s all in the Air – the funnel – the tornado of energies swirling around you. Possibilities ready to manifest. It felt like being the center fire at a ceremony, all the supporters and revelers dancing around building energies and powers and potentials, watching them focused and directed to you(me/us) at the centerpointe.

Building, building, building. It brought me back to the message before: Patience. You are watching, and feeling the building, and waiting. You are ready, but it’s not the moment for action just yet. Right now allow. Observe, enjoy, feel the crescendo mounting.

I let it all flow in to allow the clearing, balancing, and energy of potential flow through to each of you. It flowed strongly out the sides of the Throat and the back of the Solar Plexus.

The idea of clearing with smoke came back, and the Rose incense was still burning, so I went back to it and invited another layer of cleansing to whatever blocks these energies might be coming up against. Starting at the Crown I focused on each chakra individually with Reiki and smoke clearing. Also taking sips of water between each chakra.

Once I completed the Root I relit the Palo Santo and began back upward, seeing the curling, swirling smoke like the serpent – a kundalini and Earth-within-Air empowerment.

At the Crown a wind gust hit my face firmly, like a presence had arrived. Shifting light appeared, moving from deep red to grey in slow cycles. Grey felt an odd showing, and seemed to represent an awareness of the thin veil between worlds right now. An opaque haze that confuses our senses, yet still portends of something hidden and present. It also embodied the essence of Air combined with Water, to bring fog.

Closing the session here, noticing how the element of Air had been at the core of today’s work, while showing its representation and interaction with all the other elements. There was a release and relief, with almost a weariness for all the vibrancy of energies today. Let it in, and let yourself rest. A gentle, warm tea sounds like a good idea. 😊 Big moves and changes seem to be coming.

It was a day of pictures, and when I first setup our altar I was called to take an additional photo of it today, including the upper left “Soar” card and the nearby feather – more lovely Air & Wind guidance.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Restrictions Concerning Money


This card shows an old-fashioned safe with a little money but lots of cobwebs and dust. Money may be tight at this time, so rein in your spending and be circumspect about the financial requirements in your life. This is not a time of indulgence, so be aware of what’s really important and consciously choose your expenditures.

There’s a big difference between what you need and what you want. This card is telling you to take care of your needs and bide your time. Things will get better, but for now be willing to live more conservatively; and always value the money and good things you already have.

AFFIRMATION: I can move through any cycle with dignity and awareness. I am open to receiving increasing wealth. Money moves to and through my life, bringing benefits to all.

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