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Snow Moon 3-Card Draw

Hello Dear Friends!

Tonight we experience the February Full Moon, called the Snow Moon, in Virgo. Virgo's energies make this a subtler Full Moon energy than we might usually notice. With some logic and calm coming into play to mellow things out as a nice counter-point to the potent emotions of a Full Moon. You may find you are still feeling intense emotions, but able to look at them more clearly and allow yourself to process them rather than reacting. (Watch out for a slight inclination to be judgmental here!)

I did a three card draw from Sandra Anne Taylor‘s "Energy Oracle Cards" deck asking for messages that will help us utilize this full moon energy as well as provide guidance over the next two weeks.

The first card is 7 COMMUNITY: Connection with Kindred Spirits - Reversed

This card reversed indicates feelings of isolation and perhaps loneliness. There may have been a recent disconnect with old associations or even a dissolution of some wider partnership. This may result in feelings of loss and grief, but take heart.

It is often the case that as you shift your energy into a higher vibration, you may find that you no longer resonate with old acquaintances the way you used to. If that is the case, it may be time to move on to more resonant associations. Let yourself network in ways that reflect your higher intentions. Meditation groups, classes, book clubs, and the like are all places you may meet new acquaintances that are in closer harmony to you. You needn't allow your isolation to continue. It may take some conscious effort on your part, but now is the time to reconnect, network, and gain the sense of support that you are looking for.

AFFIRMATION: I open my life to the wonderful people around me. I am making strong and beneficial connections in both my personal and professional life.

The second card is 3 BLOSSOMING ABUNDANCE: Increasing Wealth and Value - Upright

This card shows a beautiful golden garden in the springtime with coins and new flowers blossoming all around. They even hang like fruit on the tree above. Upright, this card signals a new increase in wealth, possibly in a dramatic and unexpected way.

Be aware that you sow the seeds of your own wealth and prosperity, much like a gardener works the ground and begins to see blossoming results take hold. This card upright indicates that the Universe is blessing you and helping the fruits of your labor to blossom. So smell the flowers and tend to the new growth. Be grateful and enjoy!

AFFIRMATION: Abundant wealth blossoms all around me. I see the value in my everyday life.

Final card for today’s full moon drawing is 22 YIN/YANG: Passive/Active, Intuitive/Logical - Reversed

This card reversed reveals a yang cycle, which is one of active, outgoing energy. This time calls for a more logical approach to things, but the logic needs to be applied to purposeful action.

The cycle is often marked by creativity and new beginnings, sometimes with significant outer change. Let yourself apply more forceful energy to the task at hand and take advantage of this highly charged yang time.

AFFIRMATION: I am open to understanding the cycle I am in, and I am willing to utilize its energy beneficially. All that I need is already part of me.

~Moon Blessings to All!~

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