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Spirals of Flow to Think Outside the Box

This post is for my 03/04/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Today’s altar features a lot of new acquisitions – new family members that came to me in my time away. Some very potent energies and powers to share on an antahkarana symbol.

Both in preparation and early in the session the idea of “tidying up the edges” came through. A nudge toward looking closer at the minute portions of what you’re been working on for any hidden or unseen dust and clutter. This felt a direct follow up to the clearing of buried debris that was indicated in the last group session. Also a further notion of “checking all the boxes” and verifying that periodic maintenance of both self and home have been addressed.

Dumping, dumping, dumping came to mind as I first connected. A clearing of what’s been stored up and was just waiting for release. A purging before the bathing in new Reiki Energies.

Within the Reiki Energies I felt an overall power moving us to be in tune, balanced, and aligned today. The imagery of a double helix down the body, and many spirals. Coiling at the wrists and ankles, flowing with the natural spirals, infinity symbols, and waves of our spirits and nature.

Continuing here we were very in the flow, but some points were segmented – little gaps of disconnect, like blinking distractions – but then right back into it. Less of a concern or warning, more kind of how life works. What an achievement if we can be largely in the flow the majority of the time, with only hints of distraction before we recenter and reconnect.

At one point the left tricep began twitching and spasming.

A message: “Let the bell guide you” -voices may be calling in various directions, but let the tone of the bell recenter you on your true direction.

There’s a lot of swaying with the energies today – going with the flow – continuing with the spirals. Moving away from rigidity.

Smokey stones in water. The slow flow of a river, moving over rocks, clarifying like charcoal.

Sudden tension at the top lines of the shoulders and the collar bones. I was called to placing Wild Orange essential oil in two lines along the top shoulder and collar bone (on both sides), as well as Cinnamon Bark essential oil on the outside of the right ankle bone, and the outside of the right knee. Then contrasting support with Reiki energy on the same ankle and knee points, on the left side.

“Fill with Water; Face the Fire.” Find a position that works for you. Feel things out and make adjustments. Continue to check in with your body. The sway, and continuing to go with the flow, came back in here.

A slow-building pressure came in at the ears and temples, along with a cooling. This seemed connected back to the shoulders and collar bones, so I focused on the greater area all at once.

This moved into the desire to draw a card, for support with these session energies, and to continue with guidance in the coming week – we received, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards" deck: #24 ADJACENT POSSIBILITIES: Many Unconsidered Options, upright (image and full description below). Let the many different doorways, windows, and unexpected passages open your eyes to all the directions and opportunities you never even imagined. Look layers outside the box, to the point where it even feels uncomfortable and outside your nature, for the ‘ah ha’ of inventivity and problem solving.

Finishing with a closing clearing down the central channel, again bringing in helix and infinity flow, then a wider aura sweep to further purge any of the early dumping as well as new releases that came through today’s session. Reiki Blessings to all, and remain open to allowing these energies to continue assisting you for your highest good in the coming days and weeks.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Many Unconsidered Options


Sometimes the force of habit keeps you stuck and unaware of potentially healthier and happier choices at hand. Yet every moment gives you the option to open a different door and take a different course – whether it’s in your thoughts, behaviors, or major life decisions.

Unlike the Indecision card, which indicates confusion and vacillation about which course to take, the Adjacent Possibilities card is here to tell you that you have many options, and it’s time to take a wider look at things. As you consider the many life choices available, you’ll feel more and more empowered and motivated to make the decisions that bring happiness, strength, and forward motion.

In terms of your goals, this card could indicate unknown and previously unconsidered ideas. Perhaps there’s a marketing tool that you haven’t thought of, a connection you haven’t tapped, or even an entirely different direction that would be more suited to you. Be conscious, be aware, and be flexible and willing to take new and different action now.

AFFIRMATION: I am open and willing to take my life in new directions. I am becoming more aware of my many options for harmony and optimism in my thoughts and in all my choices each day.

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