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Spiritually Triumphant

This post is for my 04/22/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I started outdoors, requesting and gathering in Earth Energies. My mind kept bringing images and notions around stability and support, especially the idea that we don’t often understand how exactly support works, and where it comes from. That’s okay. It’s an unspoken knowing; a leaning into trust.

Opening to the group there was a left mid-shooting-to-low line of back pain, then a tickle-that-became-tightening in the left throat.

Encouraging Reiki to these spots in the body I was keeping my attention widened to nature, which became very serene and calm in my vicinity. And still the green and growth and sunlight melted away into the firm notions of structure, and building, and carved wood as support. Perhaps a nudge to realizing the aspects of nature all around us, in their less than natural forms.

When I moved indoors I fell behind the veil into a dreamlike state of intense processing. Fast and sporadic images filled my being, endlessly and timelessly. Sensations included a right eyebrow headache, a left forearm muscle spasm twitch, and a few cycles of left knee pain. My heart and breathing quickened much of the time.

A villain rising in power, while a hero gathers their strength and troops. Cosmic and underground battles. While the imagery was arcane and fantasy-like, the subject matter felt current… not ancestral or past clearing, but the internal battles of mind and body right now. Overall the theme of human perseverance and triumph. At one point my right arm jolted in an instinctual reflex of protection.

There was a notion of an injury that brough “taking on water”, which may mean general overwhelm, or perhaps more emotionally-based overwhelm.

Hands and waist throbbed, and later hands, arms and shoulders. A pink-white light crystal the size of two fists came to form and sat above the Solar Plexus for a time, then was absorbed into the front vortex of the chakra. It said “Embrace”, then “Self-Embrace”. A halo of pressure formed around the head and then in an instant dropped into the Heart-space with the message “Forgive”.

All these things were worked through.

As I came back to the room. I was moved to quickly draw a card, before taking any notes, and from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #28 VICTORY. It felt an incredible confirmation of the vast and successful transformation of energies today (card picture and full description below).

Please enjoy some extra water and some calm breaths, and before slipping into your next sleep allow the potential for transformation to really sink in. Let these energies enter your dream state and your bodily ability to heal and triumph.

Donations lovingly accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.

28 VICTORY Success, Achievement

Upright This card shows a beautiful spirit holding a golden victory wreath in acknowledgment of your achievement. Success is on its way, and you have a sense of pride in what you’ve worked to accomplish. The achievement may be a great outer success, or it may be a deep inner change that you’ve been exerting a lot of effort toward. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment, but be careful not to rest upon your laurels. People expect outer triumph to bring great changes, but often there may still be inner work to do. Let yourself be open to victory on every level now. AFFIRMATION: I am achieving great things within myself and in the world. I see myself as a success in many wonderful ways even now.

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