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Squirrel Love

I went for a walk to a local park and met a lovely squirrel, eager to soak up Reiki.

I was meandering around a large pond, aware on this crisp, winters day that I'd seen very few animals on this visit. I love to bask in the trees, and take in nature on these walks, but I especially love my animal encounters! It's always been a thoroughly appreciated blessing, but ever more-so, since I've started offering them Reiki.

As I continued on my slow, reflective path, coming toward a fork, I heard people approaching from the left path. I took my turn to the right, but veered into the trees, to allow them to go by, if they too would be following my route. They were. An adult escorting two school children with backpacks and youthful vibrancy of language and gestures.

For a moment I was saddened, thinking of my animal friends, and how the kids were sure to scare off any chance encounters that might lay before me, on that same pond-tracing journey. Then, I slowed myself, watching my assumptions and expectations. I reminded myself that whatever was best for me in this moment, on this walk, would unfold. I looked again at the trees surrounding me and thought I could take a bit longer to just be with them. I had a suggestion from a healer recently to place my back against tree trunks, rather than touching/hugging/approaching from the front. I leaned back into a tree for a few minutes.

As I was breathing, listening, simply being, I saw another tree that looked "just right" to lean into. As I stood up I thought, "it caught my attention, might as well give it a try, too." I settled back and looked out to the water, and soon heard rustling above me. About 20 feet up another trunk that was rooted about 10 feet before me a squirrel was making it's way down, branch by branch, zig-zagging in a somewhat odd fashion.

It was plump... very possibly pregnant, perhaps that's why it moved so uniquely compared to the dare-devil tree diving I usually observe from neighborhood squirrels.

"She" (momma-to-be, I'll continue to assume) made it to the ground and was doing a classic squirrel twitching, sniffy, curiosity dance with the forest floor. I said a higher-self "hello" and offered her Reiki. Having been still and quiet, until that time I didn't see any indication she was aware of my presence, but she did a firm twitch, suddenly focused right on me.

I continued a mental conversation with her about Reiki, asking what she thought and if she'd like it, and giving a bit more info that I'm usually prompted in these animal-Reiki-offering type exchanges.

She had twitched a few times, still focused on me, then settled into perfect stillness, and for many minutes I sent her Reiki. Perfect stillness. Minutes, and minutes. Neither of us moved for more than breath.

Then a gorgeous bird with an incredibly long neck landed in the canopy far above me, in a different tree about 15 feet away. Largely blocked by branches, I couldn't see more than his silhouette. I looked back and forth between him and Ms. Squirrel a few times - she remained a statue, absorbing.

Then a few ducks dove into the pond behind Ms. Squirrel - she still remained as I took in the extensive nature activity joining into this blessed energy transmission. I kept the main flow to her, but also extended it to the others, and was impressed in her stoic fortitude: usually animals, especially wild animals, take a brief dose and are quickly filled and satisfied. Many times I thought she would break away and be done, but she stayed with me a while longer. I offered some symbols to accompany the energy for her needs, and perhaps the needs of her growing babies - maybe the reason she was so extensively accepting.

She moved her head a little, not a sudden scurry, then looked aside. She sniffed and twitched the ground again, as before, then took back up the tree the way she had come. I had already pushed myself off my trunk, and was starting my move on as well.

Another beautiful, animal-filled park visit, right when I least expected it.

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