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Surging Toward Clearing

This post is for my 11/22/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Fun numbers day… 11/22/23.

Our session started with a brief power outage. Right at 12 noon my time. So I tuned in a bit to electrical current and alignment awareness. The balance of dark and light.

I don’t use much sage now-a-days, with an asthmatic kitty, but the flickers, surge, and loss drew me toward my sage bowl. I lit it for just a couple seconds to bring in some powerful clearing.

Additionally, given the day and the holiday week, I added some attention to gratitude as well as familial support and surrounding emotional needs.

There was a moment with a flash of intimacy, then a turning away – a pivot and rotation from it. On the side or backburner at the moment – but a definite awareness this was a cyclic transition, and it would be coming back around soon.

I spent some time on the 8th Chakra, outside the body, above the Crown. When moving to the Crown I was directed primarily to the front of the head and the frontal lobe.

Some pain and tension showed up at the left knee, then moving down into the outside of the left shin and calf. Later this also came back with tension at both shins and calves.

I held some septarian nodule while focused at the Root and some heart-racing came with the message, “acceptance for what your parents have done”.

The internal organs and mid Chakras didn’t call for anything specifically, but still got some Reiki energy to support balance and continuing flow.

I’m also aware of a few messages and areas that came through midsession but didn’t get recorded at the time, and are now lost with my memory. So I feel prompted to write that if anything particular came up for you, as you’re reading this, and you’d like to follow up, please do write me directly. (It seems something is unfinished, perhaps private, for just one participant. Perhaps it will come back at just the right moment.)

In closing I brought my heads near each other and felt the energy was holding a pyramid. There was a movement and visualization of folding up dough, to the point, in puffy layers and soft edges. It started four-sided and lower angles, then as it morphed it felt like the smoothing of sand – like shaping a sand castle. The pyramid grew taller and converted to three sided. As it came into this mental form while holding the energy our session felt complete.

My blessings to all. May you connect with this divine energy for your highest good, and exactly what you need.

Donations greatly appreciated!

PS: The power outage referenced was at exactly 12 noon here and lasted less than a minute. As I was taking pictures of the altar amid making my notes for this posting, and just as I took the second pic, the power went out once again… this time for about 20 minutes. So grateful to have it back – but it took the internet with it – so my ability to post was extra delayed… yet, yey, here we are. Plus doubly noting the energy surges and messages this may bring…

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