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Sway in Gentle Grace

This post is for my 08/04/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Watery and airy energies were predominant today.


I used both white sage and palo santo within the session.

Upon connection there was a feeling there are so many conflicting moods, events and sensations, and we are (unhappily) being dragged along for the ride. A faltering of faith and understanding. Hot and cold, left and right.

We think we are attempting to anchor, but right now most of us are connecting to an idea or belief that isn’t truly supportive. When we hold onto something we get knocked and buffeted around, and we brace for the next impact… staying in tension. When we let go we flow, and all the currents can take on their own imagery; quite beautiful, like Aurora Borealis.

At first there was largely darkness and a feeling of the movement. But I kept getting a glimpse of a far off prismatic dot of light on the horizon. A lighthouse; a beacon. Then came the visual coloring of the surrounding forces and energies, with a transition of feeling surrounded by water, to being surrounded by the ethereal.

Looking into releasing pain today I found messages that also mirrored the need to release resistance. Becoming an observer – curious. We have labeled sensations as bad, rather than a messenger. Have a dialog around it… whether directly with the sensation, or a narrative about the details you notice. Keeping the breath as companion, this loosened resistance may lead to great insight.

Bodily I was drawn to a deep womb pain. While this felt to speak directly for one participant, it was intended as largely representative to most. Perhaps metaphorical, as a holding tightness from the places we create, or perhaps a vessel to something in the head, the back, the joints. I kept attention and Reiki here, including the breath, and just watched… allowing the release.

The flowing grew and expanded, and moved into swaying, but tension kept filling back in. I rode it like waves – a constant effort of awareness and release, any time a new resistance popped up.

Sometimes Reiki practitioners describe ourselves as “hollow reeds”: a conduit allowing the energy to flow through us. Today I felt more needed as a “hollow wet noodle” – that my purpose as conduit was to add a sense of flow and movement, to add a balance to all the conflicting flows and movements we’re feeling from outside ourselves, outside our control, seemingly in every area of our lives. A reminder that there are good, positive and helpful flows, too.

More specific to the physical, at times I found I was directing energy to the left calf – and eventually both calves, and later to the left wrist. Sticking with the flow and release all throughout.

I was getting ready to draw a card for coming guidance when I got the question: “What are you scared of?”

Right now, what are you scared of? Write it down. You can burn it, shred it, crumple it up, or perhaps even keep it – but get it out of your head!

The card that then followed, right as I was closing, was #43 MAN HOLDING A COIN, inverted. From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, this card has been a favorite of the guides across these group Reiki sessions. Perhaps an overarching speaking in waves to the changing collective consciousness around financial and patriarchal systems, as a backdrop to guiding attention and support to when we act against our own heath interests. A picture and full description is below, but my personal interpretation in regards to the coming effects of today’s session indicate a guidance to release an ideal or structure that is dictating your life… if you’re ready. Maybe it’s time to just play with the idea, and slowly introduce outside possibilities.

Once again, gripping so tightly is making us anxious and awkward.

Play with letting go.

Say that fear aloud to get it out of your head. Yes, it still exists, but sense the release of taking the cork off the bottle!! When we write and when we speak we are using different parts of our brains than just thinking in words, and it vastly affects our emotional awareness and problem-solving. These effects are also true when we release tense muscles… so give them a try! It’s totally counter-intuitive to most of our learning and programming (to self-solve, keep it inside, brace for impact). What do you have to lose if you’re looking for change?

Any donations are incredibly appreciated and help support future free sessions.

(with continuing thanks to all who contribute!!)

Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Male Connection in Money, Health, or Value Reversed

This card reversed reveals that you could be acting against your own best interests where money or health matters are concerned. You might be spending a bit too much or simply not be conscious enough about what’s really important. If that’s the case, become more aware of your choices and priorities, and bring more discipline to your life.

This card reverse could also be warning of a self-absorbed or dismissive man who may be out for his own advancement – even at the cost of your own. Be conscious of the critical or demanding men around you, and always remember that you alone determine who has the real power in your life.

Affirmation: I determine my own destiny. I take financial action and am receiving wonderful assistance from those around me.

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