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Taurus New Moon Pick-a-Card

Updated: May 11, 2021

Today's New Moon in Taurus prompted me to draw a pick-a-card reading - where you can feel into which choice is best for you, before seeing and reading about your card.

-all three choices are from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck-

For this pick-a-card draw, see if a number, placement, or letter draws your attention, or look at the images and see if you're drawn to a specific card or stone. My kitty Pumpkin came in to help provide guidance as well, rolling the rose quartz as he laid down in the picture below:

So we have card 1 / left / A - card 2 / center / B - or card 3 / right / C.

The New Moon is a time of shadow, allowing our awareness of the unseen. It's also great for setting intentions as we move into a reflective stage for planning, growing and learning: The cyclic balance of introspection before the Full Moon's exposure and creation energies.

For this month's New Moon the earthly, grounding energies of Taurus help us work on solid foundation, with a slow steadiness that makes this a great opportunity for long-term planning as well. (Though be aware the bull's stubborn fixation could cause some of us to struggle with changing paths in the light of Spring's new inspirations. Let the grounding help you feel it out, take care of yourself first, and you'll be able to shift paths with a new focus.)

Card 1 / Left / A


Many Unconsidered Options


Sometimes the force of habit keeps you stuck and unaware of potentially healthier and happier choices at hand. Yet every moment gives you the option to open a different door and take a different course – whether it’s in your thoughts, behaviors, or major life decisions.

Unlike the Indecision card, which indicates confusion and vacillation about which course to take, the Adjacent Possibilities card is here to tell you that you have many options, and it’s time to take a wider look at things. As you consider the many life choices available, you’ll feel more and more empowered and motivated to make the decisions that bring happiness, strength, and forward motion.

In terms of your goals, this card could indicate unknown and previously unconsidered ideas. Perhaps there’s a marketing tool that you haven’t thought of, a connection you haven’t tapped, or even an entirely different direction that would be more suited to you. Be conscious, be aware, and be flexible and willing to take new and different action now.

AFFIRMATION: I am open and willing to take my life in new directions. I am becoming more aware of my many options for harmony and optimism in my thoughts and in all my choices each day.

Card 2 / Center / B


Restrictions Concerning Money


This card shows an old-fashioned safe with a little money but lots of cobwebs and dust. Money may be tight at this time, so rein in your spending and be circumspect about the financial requirements in your life. This is not a time of indulgence, so be aware of what’s really important and consciously choose your expenditures.

There’s a big difference between what you need and what you want. This card is telling you to take care of your needs and bide your time. Things will get better, but for now be willing to live more conservatively; and always value the money and good things you already have.

AFFIRMATION: I can move through any cycle with dignity and awareness. I am open to receiving increasing wealth. Money moves to and through my life, bringing benefits to all.

Card 3 / Right / C


Spiritual Awakenings and New Beginnings


This door opens onto the expansive energetic realm where all new beginnings originate. The orbs of light are guiding you through the clouds of the earthly world, leading you to a deeper understanding of your eternal identity – the source of all true value and power.

This door opens onto truly unlimited potential, for the changes that happen here reach deep into the core of your being. As such, this card often heralds your increasing powers in the spiritual arts and a deepening connection with the spirit world. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself becoming more intuitive, more aware of Spirit’s presence, or more powerful in your own healing practices. Now is the time to open up to the unexpected guidance and inspiration of spirit and to the magic and power of your true identity!

AFFIRMATION: I relax and connect with my spirit wisdom and power. I live in the peace that my spirit brings, and know that the world of Spirit supports me.

Enjoy this New Moon and all the possibilities of the Universe!

You are your own power, of Light and Love. I bless you with Reiki for the highest good in all things, and for guidance and clarity in this reading.

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