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The Right Ear Speaks for Freedom

This post is for my 03/05/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I started our session with a selenite chakra clearing, moving down the body, from Crown to Root. There was an energetic pull to the right ear as I cleared the throat, that didn't shift, so I continued down the body, but then came back for more reflection.

There was a clamping in the ear and a very strong pull of energy from the inner right ear into the throat, so I sent Reiki to both, and followed the flow. Movement from the ear was radiating and strong, yet backed up, so I centered my awareness at the throat and started to feel movement at the left ear. It seemed to open, yet remained separate in space. Expanding to sense all three areas at once I thought, "What don't we want to hear?"

I watched the energy and how this thought resonated and decided to draw a card for support: UNBOUND, from Rebecca Campbell's 'Work Your Light' oracle cards deck (full card description below). I held the card to my heart and recited the card's activation (using "we" for "I"), with the intention it would vibrate through for all of you.

This created a cyclone of energy at the Root, flowing upward until it was resisted at the Heart: A deep tightening from the back of the Heart. I saw the tightness as a stone wall, that with Reiki, attention, and some time started to crumble and breakdown, letting the Heart-Light shine through. The tightening widened in the energy field, but still held until I started some movement... as I stretched my arms I realized I was embodying the energy of "Unbound" as one might move after being tied down, restricted, freed from bondage. Feeling this release.

I settled the stretching movement and stayed with this release, holding the energy for a few moments, but the right ear was calling my attention. I surrounded the heart in acceptance and gratitude, then moved back up. The ear was still heavy, though not pulling like before. I kept treating it, the throat and the left ear sensing a cotton-batting / spider-web-like blockage. I held it with Reiki and the idea of "Unbound" release. (I noticed in doing so I was holding my hands over my necklace, black tourmaline.)

Eventually I saw blue electric waves flowing up from the throat to the ears, freeing, freeing, freeing and moving the energies up. With time it moved into the back of the head, slowing and turning indigo, which brought my attention to the Third Eye. Those energies tied back to the right ear and brought the message, "What don't we want to see?" With this awareness I decided to draw a 2nd card: DON'T DIM TO FIT IN (full description below).

I chanted "Shine, shine, shine your light," feeling that power. Pulling in this extended energy of freedom, encompassing both hearing and seeing, the energy connection completed and the right ear fully softened. It became warm and tied back into the throat and left ear, able to flow both ways. I stayed in some warm rose-colored Reiki light for a while to embrace the messages and energies. So Grateful! May this energy stay with you, for your highest good.

Today I prepared with a rose incense stick and juniper berry essential oil. I also worked with a selenite ball for clearing, a clear quartz wand for empowerment, and included Reiki infused Moon Water. Later I used doTERRA's Hope essential oil blend and patchouli incense.

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Today's Cards

from Rebecca Campbell's 'Work Your Light' oracle cards deck

UNBOUND: Releasing soul patterns, contracts, and past lives.

It is time to release old soul stories that have been playing out in your life. They are coming up to be healed. There has never been a safer time to clear these patterns than right now.

Take a look at patterns in your life that you are ready to release. Ancient vows and contracts that your soul made that have an expiry date. It could be a vow of silence or chastity or poverty. It is the same to unwind from them. This is the life in which you free yourself from trauma of lives past.

What old ways of being have an expiry date? When you name them, you claim them and they stop holding power over you. When acknowledging these old patterns, it is also important to acknowledge how they have served you up until now. For example, a soul pattern of playing small caused by a soul fear of being seen or sharing your voice would’ve served you by keeping you safe. In order to grow, you now need to soften by receiving and calling in support.

It is time to unbind from the old ways of being that are no longer sustainable.

Work Your Light Activation

Hold your hand to your heart and say:

‘I release all old soul stories, vows, contracts, and patterns that are no longer aligned with who I came here to be in the present time. I carry the lessons, growth, and gifts, but I no longer choose to live the same story. Maybe I be unbound, unbound, forever unbound.‘

DON'T DIM TO FIT IN: How are you dimming your light to fit in?

Don’t dim your light to accommodate someone else’s smallness. We are all born to shine big and bright. The Universe is expanding and you are part of the Universe, so expanding is part of your nature.

If someone makes you want to retract, notice, and slowly back away; they are not for you and you are not for them. Better yet, find it within yourself to expand and shine your light anyway. Flowers don’t open and close according to who is walking by. They open and show their beauty regardless.

If others don’t want to be around you, or you make them uncomfortable, it’s because you are a shining light on the fact that they are dimming to fit in. By choosing to shine bright you may just inspire them to turn on their light too. Or not. Keep your light on anyway.

All relationships are essentially an energetic agreement. The moment one person decides to start rising up and allowing their light to shine, it changes the energetic agreement and can create some waves. That’s completely normal.

The relationships that are meant to last will adapt to the change in energy. Others won’t because they were likely born under the proviso of 'I love you, as long as you don’t shine brighter than me.' That’s OK, not all people are meant to be in your life forever. But the lessons they teach us can still live on.

Work Your Light Inquiry: How are you dimming your light in order to fit in?

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