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The Supermoon of March

Just before noon Pacific time (3pm Eastern) we'll experience the peak of the March Worm Moon, a supermoon Full Moon in Libra. When the full moon will peak midday I set out moon water to be infused for the two surrounding nights, and open for the energies early. I held a moon ceremony and card draw to recognize these energies and to help provide guidance for the coming weeks.

You may wish to ask a question in regards to this reading, or see if there's a topic that comes to mind that you'd like assistance with. We can tune into these energies and messages with intention, or completely open-minded. See what feels right.

For this full moon in Libra I did a three card draw from Radleigh Valentine's "Archangel Power Tarot Cards" deck. The results were all 'face' cards, and very powerful and inspiring. Allow yourself to read into these messages, understanding your potential and greatness! I hope they may inspire you to trust and move forward in all your inherent power. You are light, you are love, and you can do anything!!

The first card for this Full Moon is

KING OF ARIEL: Successful, Stable, Accomplished, Powerful

Situations: So much abundance! Your plans are going to work out very well. The ability to manage finances is matched with a keen sense of what will succeed. Advancement in your career is likely. You’ve worked very hard and would like to take a break or possibly retire to enjoy a life of more leisure.

People: A very successful person who has risen to the top professionally. Someone who can direct many people or projects at once. A nature lover. Stable. Powerful. Accomplished.

Additional meanings of this card: Career success. Using resources wisely. Money in the bank. Leadership positions.

The second card is


Energetic, Brave, Optimistic, Playful

Situations: You’re ready to follow your passion! Opportunities for excitement and adventure are headed your way. This is something that you’ve prepared for and have been hoping would happen. You may feel as though you’re not quite ready, but you truly are! Get out there and show everyone how amazing you are!

People: An energetic and extroverted person who is exuberant and willing to help. Someone who loves a challenge and brings youthful optimism to all he or she does. Brave. Charming. Creative. Optimistic. Certain. Active. Playful.

Additional meanings of this card: Career advancement. Taking a chance. Confidence. Embracing life!

Final card for today’s full moon drawing is

QUEEN OF GABRIEL: Passionate, Charming, Brilliant, Independent

Situations: You can do anything right now! You may not fully grasp how wonderful you are, but those around you definitely see it! It’s time to believe in yourself. Your kind eagerness to help others in their lives will attract people willing to do the same for you.

People: A very charming person whom everyone likes. Someone who is able to balance all aspects of his or her life with ease and grace. Passionate. Independent. Friendly. Beautiful. Popular. Busy. Confident. Brilliant. Unwavering.

Additional meanings of this card: Following through on advice you receive. Going after what you want. Experiencing excellent health.

May these messages assist and guide you in whatever way is perfect in your life, right now!

Trust Yourself

~Moon Blessings to All!~

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