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Throes of the Throat

This post is for my 03/31/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Upon first joining in our group energies I had a feeling of being extra distant. It felt like I was watching the Earth, with our participants (myself included), as a marble far away. There was another astral body a bit larger in presence as well, a creamy, tan ball, much like I envision Saturn but with no rings. I found and stuck on the word “Clarification”. The importance of clarification. I began connecting at a more physical level, and starting at the Crown Chakra I saw light pink. It was loving but vulnerable, light and sensitive – open but exposed.

Moving into the Third Eye I was drawn outward to the ears, and soon after moved down to the Throat Chakra. It felt neutral, with a variety of blues dancing in vertical energy lines. I heard, “There’s a lot to listen to right now.”

As I went to shift downward there was a solid block. Checking back in at the Throat I heard, “What is happening?” First mild and full of wonder, then several times with changing emotions and urgency. The Throat did not feel it could connect downward, so I tested circling back up. I found it connected together with the other upper chakras creating a webbed film, orange with red veins. Holding here with this mesh surrounding the headspace, and given the colors perhaps also bringing in some Root and Sacral energies, I heard, “Not enough. Not enough, not enough, not enough, “ accompanied by right shoulder pain. After some time I tried to check back into the Heart and further down, but it still felt like the Throat was blocking access to all the lower chakras. Thinking back to the earlier, opening feelings of distance and need for clarification I spent some time holding the Throat and moving wide enough to send to the whole aura openly. Finally, I began to feel a lower connection come through. A completed energy flow began down from the Throat, creating a downward Torus Field effect. It had some bumps, moving in a butterfly shape – one at the left side, the other at the right shoulder or armpit. At the left an associated pain was around kidney-level, but more surface, while as the right seemed associated with the earlier shoulder pain, yet had moved lower and out from the body. Staying with this flow it continued and softened the bumps, with the accompanying physical sensations also ceasing.

So much attention and time was centered around the Throat today, in an almost erratic nature, I felt compelled to include that focus in our closing card draw. Requesting extra guidance here and for moving forward, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #6 CONTRACT, inverted (picture and full description below). I can definitely see some overlaps in the idea of legal jargon, uncertainty, life commitments, and a sense of finality in the confusing nature (and feelings) present in today’s session. Especially with the three quotes I heard: “There’s a lot to listen to right now”; “What is happening?”; and “Not enough.” While I sense some fear was transmuted into trust, and a definite balance instilled from Reiki’s presence, there is a remaining unsettledness. I’m left sensing a desperation stilled, yet the silent, steady waters in it’s place are a bit uncomfortable and even spooky. Stay with the breath for presence, and invite warm, comforting, gooey things to help weather this transition. If you’re able to ask for what you need – even of yourself, or even of the tiny things – this feels like a great step.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Partnership, Legal Commitment

Reversed The contract card reversed indicates the ending of a previous connection; or where a future commitment is concerned, it could bring warnings of delay, and perhaps even possible disappointment. The sale of a house could fall through, the job offer might not come when expected, or a romantic union may be stalled. Don’t give up hope, however. This delay may provide some purpose or protection for you – and something even better could be on its way. This card reversed cautions you not to become desperate. Your needy, urgent energy could actually postpone the desired outcome even more. Continue taking action – even if it’s in another direction – and your patient resolve will pay off. If the break up of a relationship is involved, always remember that you deserve to be honored. Open your heart and your life to the person who is willing to be fully present and loving. That person is waiting to commit to your own self-honoring heart.

AFFIRMATION: I am attracting wonderful, beneficial connections that support and honor me and bring me great happiness and abundance.

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