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Watery Heart Interpretations

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

This post is for my 01/05/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Setting up I realized this is the first day I feel the transitioning energies of the new year really beginning to flow, move, and adjust. (a little started yesterday)

Tuning into the group, the desire to “Connect, connect, connect” with the background notion of an undefined longing. The sense of trying to fulfill this need, but falling short. Feels more like a ‘want’, but it really is masking a ‘need’. It comes down to communication- feeling seen and heard.

Beginning to send Reiki I slipped into a quantum void – all possibilities and nothingness. It was much like being underwater – dulled senses and lessened gravity. A knowing that force won’t do anything here. Relaxed desire from within creates.

Some dream memories came through, enforcing the uncertainty of truth and beliefs.

Going into the Heart-space I sent Reiki to release old truths and un-serving beliefs.

A human, being punched.

A human being, punched.

Perhaps metaphorical, or at least, triggering, as this became a momentum, moving them forward.

Down whole, new juxtapositioned crowded avenues, then on an escalating solo path.

Centering back on Heart growth, and release – a need for support. It’s okay to move slow for these transitions. Let comfort and discomfort be tandem guides, like a see-saw.

Calling water close, light, flowing effort with requests, like back to being underwater and pulling the current toward the Heart. Opening to emotion. Calling back the balance with comfort and discomfort, letting the scales tip then rebalance as emotion flows through the heart.

Turning a water wheel or paddle wheel with others, at times, and sometimes rowing alone.

Steadying on the shore. With time once again swaying to the waves. The once again ready to dive below the surface.

It’s much like a balance of hot -and- cold, facing these emotions, truths, and beliefs. When one becomes too potent, we move toward the other, which, with time, will build up and move us back. There is no true middle, just an interpretation of neutrality- but we don’t strive to stay neutral… we want to feel. What we want to feel, in each moment, is ever changing.

I sensed a box of technology coming to gobble these ideas up. A reminder that our phones, tvs, tablets are often used as a distraction toward neutrality. A way to numb ourselves. A way to forget.

Remember how amazing it is to feel! On a hot day, the cool crisp kiss of water… or on a chilly one, the warm embrace of a blazing fire.

I was feeling the power of trios today, and in setting up our altar, when I realized my backdrop and layout left no space for a card, I decided a triple-card draw was in order. One for the session, one for the month, and one for the new year. All from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck.

First up, the session card we received was #39 FIFTH CHAKRA, ARCHANGEL GABRIEL, reversed (full descriptions and pictures below, for all cards). Since this was specific to today’s work I took several minutes to call in Reiki energy to the Throat center and requested assistance from Archangel Gabriel for clearing and guidance here.

Additionally, for the month we received #26 HOSTILITIES, reversed, and for the year ahead #25 DECEIT, also reversed. Both indicating some clarity and calmer times ahead, which may require continued effort, but which should afford a nice transition if you’re ready for it.

Donations lovingly accepted here.


Self-Expression and Speaking Your Truth


This card reversed often indicates significant blocks in the throat center. Something in your history may have caused you to shut down, but it’s important now to break through that unhealthy pattern. Or you may currently be in a situation where the free sharing of your ideas, opinions, or feelings is being thwarted. In addition to the fear of self-expression, this card reversed could indicate physical throat problems – as all the chakra cards reversed may signal difficulties in that area of the body. The physical trouble may be connected to the blocked energy in the chakra, so it’s all the more important to work on clearing the energy in the center involved. To clear the throat chakra, call upon Gabriel and meditate on his power blasting through any blocks. See your throat center spinning in a beautiful blue light. Muster up the courage to speak your truth to yourself and to those around you. It’s time to let go of any old fear of confrontation - and stand up for yourself from now on.

AFFIRMATION: My throat chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state, spinning with the beautiful energy of freedom and self-empowerment. I am free to express myself in every way.


Defenses Up, Aggressive Energy


This card reversed marks the end of hostilities for you. There’s a shift in the energies around you and even about you, and the Universe is supporting your own internal shift as well. Whether the aggressive action has ended due to external factors or your own intervention, this card bodes well for more peace and harmony. Be aware, however, that there may still be some action you have to take - and it may seem on the surface that things are slow in getting better. This card encourages you, letting you know that the inner vibrations are changing, and the situation will be resolved. AFFIRMATION: I am receiving the peaceful, harmonious treatment I deserve in my life. I set boundaries, make reasonable requests, and make my expectations clear.


Hidden Tactics, Manipulation


Receiving this card reversed puts you on notice that the deceit of the past is over or about to end. Perhaps some enmity at work is being dissolved, or maybe a more open communication has developed in your personal life. Be sure that the negative and dishonest energy is on its way out; and take advantage of a new, peaceful and open environment, one where you will be able to afford more success in greater comfort.

On a deeper level, this card reversed is telling you that the period of self-deceit is over. You are now ready to see the abiding truth of your own value, power, and deserving. It may take continued effort, but your honesty with yourself regarding these truths will bring even greater value into your life.

AFFIRMATION: I am honest with myself and others, and I attract great honesty, integrity and support from the Universe.

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