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We Are Seeds of Energy

This post is for my 07/02/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

With Neroli essential oil at the throat and heart to start, I pulled an early card. From Sandra Anne Taylor‘s "Energy Oracle Cards" deck #11 CORNUCOPIA (full card description below). I felt extra weight in the 11 - it’s been a very 11:11 day. Additionally some number power with the altar grids of double threes.

3 3 11

3 6 11

Settling into the group energy: Duality. Pulling from the center of the scalp and brain, out to each side for balancing. Then into an air of ambivalence, aloofness, apathy. A separation from self and daily mundane duties, for comfort. Very very heavy at the shoulders, pulling straight down, in space, from the eardrums.

A blank square showed up like a window peering into darkness. It starts to shift to a diagonal, like a diamond and reverberates on the left side, almost pointing like an arrow.

The pull from the ears continues compressing into the shoulders, weighing down down down. Into the ground, into the ground ground ground. Soaking up brown dirt energies. Now filling from all around.

The CORNUCOPIA of abundance comes in. Time to allow ourselves to absorb the abundant energies of the earth. Immersion in nature, or even imagining it. Picture yourself burrowed in a hole underground, like a seed of potential, feeding on the nutrients of the soil, of the planet. Infinite potential.

Focusing on the energy flow here for several minutes to balance and restore the lower chakras. Now we can move into the upper spiritual abundance of the Universe.

(Side to side and top to bottom, another awareness of the body quadrants here. This came up last week as well. Crossing over male and female, crossing over earth and spirit.)

I saw an Angel light tending to the voice and throat, which encouraged the pulling of an angel card from Diana Cooper’s "Angels of Light" deck: CHOICES (full card description below). This may be particularly and potently tied to our throat chakra and voice right now. It might be be time to openly share your self-supporting decisions and ideas. Or perhaps, if there’s been difficulty in making choices, to share that dialogue with those close to you as well.

Moving from the Throat, energy travels up to the head. A firm beam coming from the top cervical spine straight to the 3rd Eye then expanding out into fizzling bubbling and intense crown energy. Like the exploding head emoji 🤯 - but neutral in emotion, beyond its intense power.

Bringing back the seed imagery with widespread Earth support for grounding, allowing this overwhelming Crown energy to soften, to circle back around to the Root and all within our personal torus field. To share this energy in symbiosis and balance, both inward and outward.

To give is to receive.

We are us and them!

Notice the cycle.

I held these ideas while sharing Reiki energy all across our fields in harmonious rhythm for the remainder of the session.

In closing I brought in Douglas Fir essential oil at the 3rd Eye and Black Spruce essential oil at the temples, to continue with grounding support and circulation into the headspace. I always ask these energies to continue to work with us for as long as possible, for our highest good, but today I felt these plant medicines would help support that work (just as the crystals and grid do so, as well).

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Today's Cards

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck



An abundant harvest and great blessings are waiting for you, and you may even find all of your wishes fulfilled. This cornucopia of gifts from the Universe can come in the form of financial riches, job fulfillment, romantic love, or all of the above.

When you receive the Cornucopia upright, you know that you’ve done important work and it’s about to pay off. The seeds you planted in your energy and in your life are ready to be harvested in some significant ways. Get ready, for a great feast of abundant value is being prepared for you now, and Spirit is applauding all of your effort.

AFFIRMATION: The Universe is abundant. All that I desire comes to me in just the right time and way. I am blessed.

from Diana Cooper's "Angels of Light" deck


When you worry about decisions, it means that your mind is trying to control your life and that results in choices made from your ego.

Your angel guidance is to consider and evaluate all the options then let go of your head and choose from your heart that which gives you greatest joy and feels right.

Do not act from foolish impulse however, rather from divinely prompted inspiration.

Make choices for the highest good. Remember that if something is not for your highest good, it certainly is not for the highest good of those around you. So let go of false feelings of responsibility for others and choose with wisdom.

Become still and attune to your soul. Ask your angels for guidance and help. Then from your point of deep inner stillness make your choices easily and spontaneously.

AFFIRMATION: I choose for my highest good.

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