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What Exactly *Is* Distance Reiki?

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Well, first, "what is Reiki?"

- Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. Pronounced Ray-Key, it can be described much like it's pronunciation, like a ray of sunshine, a ray of light shining on you - and as a key to unlock relaxation, release stress, and enhance your healing ability.

The top symbol is Rei, meaning Universal, and the bottom symbol is Ki, meaning Life Force Energy.
Kanji for Reiki

A Reiki Practitioner is tuned into Reiki Energy (literally "attuned" in their training) and serves as a conduit to direct that energy to a recipient, whether that be themself or another. We call on the energy and let it flow through us.

While an in-person Reiki Session usually has the practitioner use their hands, and sometimes eyes, voice and breath, to send energy via touch or hovering above the body, Reiki Energy can also be directed across space, through the energetic connection we all share as beings of Life Force.

It can feel odd to think of connecting this way, but consider those types of coincidences when you've been thinking of someone and suddenly they call, or how you get the tingles of someone watching you, turn around and find they are - even 10, 20, or 30 feet away. We are beings of energy with connections to all energy, simply waiting for attention to connect two points in our consciousness.

When I start a distance session I use the name and/or image of the recipient to bring them to mind and I feel for that connection. Once aware of their energy I call in Reiki to send it to them, just as I would if they were physically with me.

In this time of social (physical) distancing it is amazing to use this energetic connection and allow people to feel and learn about the effects and sensations of a Reiki Session even when they can't come to see me!

In-person, Reiki Practitioners prep the room for the client, often with calming music and lighting, possibly aromatherapy or smudging, and have pillows, bolsters, and blankets to make sure they're comfortable - this helps set the mood for peace and relaxation as well. While it's not necessary to do anything extra to receive Reiki Energy, you may find you're more aware of it if you take steps to make yourself comfortable in whatever way feels best, before a distance session. Either way the energy will connect with you and work with you for your highest good, but some find taking this time for themselves to fully open and receive allows a stronger conscious connection.

During the session, just as in person, you may feel warmth or cool, tingling or other sensations, and your thoughts or attention may drift. You may see colors or be drawn to focus on parts of your body or different emotions. Every person and every session is different, but it will always be just what you need and are ready for, in that exact moment.

It is truly magnificent and wonderful - which is why I chose this for my practice and have such love for Reiki! If you're intrigued and want to know more, why not try it? Energy work is best experienced, as I find words are limited by our own history and understanding, while *feeling* is believing. I am current offering full length sessions at at 40% discount, and also free Group Distance Reiki sessions, as well as free short introductory sessions for new clients.

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This is beautifully written.


I am humbled for the learning. Thank you for these amazing posts and the great work and words. As a recent recipient of Distance Reiki sessions, I can concur, Feeling is Believing.

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