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What is Reiki to Me?

To me, Reiki is Universal Life Force energy that is innate in everything. It is the Light and Love and Divine Source that has created all life and consciousness, and is the core of our inner nature, selves, highest self. Infinite in power and wisdom, it is present in and around us at all times. With time and experience in human form we grow out of balance and disconnect with this force/love/knowing that has always been ours.

By practicing Reiki we hone our connection and rebalance this essence energy of life. Meditation, quiet and intention - along with grounding and letting go - help us to sense this energy, feel it's abundance, and realign to our true nature as part of this life force. In doing so we can ease physical, emotional and spiritual pains/traumas/imbalances to clear, bring up, and/or work through our sense of separateness, and our loss of love and trust.

More specifically, as a Reiki practitioner, I call to and channel / direct Reiki with an intention for the recipient's highest good.

While this may mean obvious physical healing, I also think our ailments are guiding us to healing on a deeper level - emotional, mental, spiritual... so that type of healing and surfacing may be less obvious, or even temporarily feel painful, or work in ways we don't always see or feel.

When we connect with the five precepts of Reiki, we are inviting life energy to be with us in all things, to work with our highest purpose, strengthening our spiritual advancement, and we are healing the world.

The Five Precepts of Reiki (my interpretation):

- Just for Today, I will Live in Love

- Just for Today, I will Live in Trust

- Just for Today, I will Live in Gratitude

- Just for Today, I will Live My Purpose

- Just for Today, I will show Kindness to All Things

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Re: 7/17 post...

a 2 minute read, 2 re-reads to embrace and fully appreciate.

Thank you!

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