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Within the Waterfall

This post is for my 08/04/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I often say every interaction with Reiki is different… and while we may have experiences, and see patterns, and, may develop understandings and expectations, each and every moment is unique. I encourage entering every moment with curious observation.

Today was very much new… I felt more like a projector; less immersed.

There was a sense of our community at angles. Juxtapositioned. Yet connecting back in unexpected ways.

A lot of water energy, though intertwining with Earth… the visualization of the waterfall crashing down. How the powerful flow meets the Earth beneath the pool and immerses itself in sand and silt. Or waters seeping into the garden, soaking and absorbing in symbiosis.

The altar for today’s session was also very present. I found the selenite tower and it’s contact elements served as a vessel of transmission, taking the energies and adding to them, distributing outward with additional attributes and powers.

Then the right rough stones circle served as the receiving funnel - processing, transmuting and recycling all that was being released. Like a portal or energetic bucket, it too receiving and offering back, renewed.

While the sacred Earth in the corner stood beside Watery soul stone – perhaps in vigil, further inspiring these elements.

The Hamsa hand that appears in all my altars is a box, which I use to house the names of those requesting Reiki. Rather than draw an oracle card today, I was inspired to place the hand in multiple positions, taking in the energy flow of all the altar elements.

Please enjoy the Reiki, and please support future offerings with a donation, if you’re able.

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Michele DeCamp
Michele DeCamp
Aug 05, 2023

Isn’t that incredible? Most times I don’t choose a title until after I’ve typed all my notes and re-circled, but yesterday I had two vivid waterfall moments when setting up an starting, so just beginning I knew it would be called “Waterfall”, which lightly refined moments later as I dove in!


Amazing as always Michele. I was sitting by the waterfall next to my house before the session, which was stronger than usual due to heavy rains, trying to let go of a lot of energy that hasn’t been serving me. This is the confirmation I needed to know it has been released ✨✨

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