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Worry Gets A Facial

This post is for my 05/06/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Spirit & Body & Earth & Body & Spirit

Inviting everyone who was open to join the energy of the session I started to feel a tightening at the back of the jaw. It spread to back lower teeth, and some muscle tension at the back of the tongue, then eventually even into the lower front teeth. I held my hand in this space, further noticing, feeling there was a message.

The lower jaw became like an empty pool. Tarpaulin blue, unused. Radiating cold. It seemed to represent a vast space of potential. Something bright and joyous, but currently out of use. It felt this also had some overlap with the Throat Chakra, appearing with the jaw and bright blue: like a hinge of potential expression, just waiting to be recognized and oiled.

The next sensations came at the forehead, midway and above the left eye, as well as the outside of the left calf. Holding the skin at both points the forehead quickly disbursed into the jaw, while the calf point stretched up and lengthened into the left knee.

Focusing on the calf area I saw pink flowers growing up out of an old log, which felt like a renewal of action and movement – or repurposing… a new life. This fully cleared the area.

Back at the head there was now tension behind the eyes, connected down into the jaw, and noticing wider there were many points of facial tension that felt tied to worry. I moved around and found several areas where the muscles and corresponding emotions released, while a few felt to be holding a connection to the Heart.

As I moved focus to the Heart Chakra waves of energy from the face started slowly melting upward in a variety of colors. While some effervesced out, others began a swirl around the Crown and 3rd Eye, still holding close. After a time they called for grounding back through the Heart as well as the Root Chakra, as if needing to release through the physical body form.

Upon noticing the connection they moved into a golden smiling energy still surrounding the 3rd Eye and Crown, while a face-lift-like tugging overcame the face. It was like a transformation of joy into these muscles, but still a little achy in their upward stretching.

I held the space from the Throat up, imagining it like an orb of Reiki connection holding and observing these energetic movements. Some waves of light-headedness came as all the tension moved upward and outward. Then I connected back with grounding, moving through the Heart with Root as anchor.

A need for movement was felt – some stretching or shaking – as if coming off a deep sleep.

I drew a card for guidance with this session, and for the coming week. From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #47 THE THINKING WOMAN, upright (image and full description below). Given all the clearing of the face and head today, this may provide some awareness for thoughtfulness with feminine energies, and moving into a time of clarity with emotional thinking. Or perhaps seeing balance within thoughts, less at their mercy, and more observation with curiosity.

In closing a deep restfulness overcame me, and seemed to encourage a good nights sleep for all attendees. Some further energetic movement will definitely happen upon rest. Allow this time of connection and encouragement from the Thinking Woman, knowing you can ask for clarity anywhere you may be seeking.

Donations lovingly accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.

47 THE THINKING WOMAN Female of Wisdom or Understanding

Upright This card shows a woman holding a book, standing before staircase, ready to lead you to higher understanding. This woman could be a friend who helps you express and understand your feelings, or she could be a teacher brought to your life at this time to take you in a new direction. This could also be a new love interest with a woman who is thoughtful, conscious, and aware. Or, like The Thinking Man, the card could represent a side of yourself it’s ready to blossom and bring clarity and assistance to the world. If so, find your voice and let your wisdom shine!

AFFIRMATION: I open my mind and heart to my own inner wisdom. I am thoughtful, focused, and clear.

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