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You Are A Healer

Yes, YOU are a healer.

We all have the ability to heal. Whether you’ve been trained in Reiki or not your thoughts, intention and your focus create a flow of energy. Your consciousness is capable of increasing blood flow, boosting immunity, transcending limiting beliefs, and beyond… As we are being urged into isolation I ask that you find a way to create connection and expand on your healing potential. You can use your compassion to direct your healing energy to bring you comfort and bring you close to others, as simply as with your thoughts.

If this concept is inspiring, try this exercise:

- Remember a time you were sick or injured, but have since recovered.

- Take a few seconds to really remember the symptoms or feelings at your worst, and perhaps the emotions that accompanied those moments for you.

- Now, reflect on how that experience passed. Even though you may have been worried, beaten down, even hopeless, you got better!

- Your body is constantly working for you, regenerating and helping you recover.

- Feel into that contrast of your experience or experiences... recall how it feels the day after symptoms subside, or recovery takes hold: when the excitement of returning to "doing" overwhelms you. Suddenly there is joy in the otherwise mundane; a breath of life and exuberance after withdrawal.

- At times, perhaps right now, you may not feel powerful, or capable of recovery - but did you feel strong and hopeful in your remembered experience? At our lowest our ability to see a positive future can be a struggle.

- None-the-less, you found yourself once again healed, back in your routine, and thoroughly enjoying it.

- Remember that joy and appreciation, letting it build. Notice the awe of possibility in this contrast.

- Take that possibility and wonder as a seed, into your heart: You healed! Remarkably! You are a healer in divine human nature.

- This healing is not limited to your body and cells and function. Your inherent hope and love are guiding your forward, helping you grow this seed of potential, even amongst the unknown.

- Let this seed become a blossom of light, shining from your heart and growing - brightly and brilliantly, glowing all around you.

- This light is warming, and comforting, and infinitely healing! It cushions and surrounds you, a bubble of protection and regeneration.

- Stay in your bubble for as long as you'd like, knowing how you have healed in the past, knowing you are healing right now! This knowing expands all around and beyond you, to all areas of your life, building as you trust it, building as you recall the miraculous recoveries of your past. Let that joy encompass and uplift you.

- When you are ready, settle back into your body. Feel your potential - celebrate who you are and what you are capable of - you can take this resurfaced confidence and trust with you. It is always available to you, whenever you tune in to find it. Each time you do, your connection grows stronger.

Think of the resiliency of children - who are eager to get back to play as quickly as possible!

As you practice this awareness add attention to others, to those whom you'd like to send healing. Start by sending them your thoughts, your attention, your love, then add in your trust in healing. Just like you, you know they can heal. Open your heart to believe in their ability to heal, and send that intention for them with your love.

~ Think of the resiliency of children - who are eager to get back to play as quickly as possible! We all have this trust and eagerness of life-force waiting to burst forth. ~

Over the years I have found great comfort and expansion in reading stories of healing and human miracles. There are so many - and you can easily find them with a google or amazon search. There are several book compilations for a quick inspiring read as often as you need one. For one example, I like the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series which includes a wide variety of recovery and miracle inspirations. Seeing what others have achieved is a great example of our own capabilities, expanding our hope and resilience.

If you look (& ask) for examples of healing and miracles you will be amazed at what you -and we- are all capable of achieving, creating & becoming.

I wish you peace & healing.

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Supportive focused information and advice. Another great inspirational post.

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