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Your Wisdom & Heart-Light

Preparing today the message that came through was Variety: Surrender yourself to the vast pleasures of trying things. You aren’t committed; you can choose, you can change, you don’t have to (& won’t!) like everything... but oh, the joys of experience, and the empowerment of sampling & then forming an opinion!

Today’s altar largely features Root support- including the big “g” for Grounding & Gratitude.

Going into our connections I was led to a heart-space focus, simply being in the Reiki energy and letting it radiate out for all of you. I centered in on the infinite love and light of our hearts as a Universal, collective Source Heart, and let that energy fully encompass me, then move on to all of you. I was flowing in this bliss of receiving and giving, and inspired to share the notion that you can always do the same. Our heart-light *Your Heart-Light* is an eternal flame, that you can turn to in any moment for support and sharing. At times it may feel dimmed or even snuffed, yet it is not... simply hidden in a moment or emotion. Know it still resides inside you and always will.

So bring your attention here any time you need it. Know that the Universe shares this gift with you! Give yourself a comfortable space to access and acknowledge it, taking the time you need to tune in. This investment is worth it - even more so when it feels difficult. Let yourself flow with this energy and feel it grow and blossom. You can think of someone or something close and dear (a person, pet, place, memory) and let that emotion fill you up, then share it freely, feeling the endless cycle through you: giving & receiving. When you open yourself in this pure heart-space then the ebb and flow is ever-expanding. You can share it wherever you want and you will feel boundless potential. Think close and think big - nature, humanity, the Earth, the cosmos. Anything that matters to you, anything you can imagine; share and see what if feels like when you open to receive back, too.

Sitting with this energy and the encouragement of your own ability to do so -even if you just recognize your potential to give in tandem with your allowance today to receive- overlapped with other parts of the session as well. First, I felt this strengthened from my note posted during preparation, that you may wish to set an intention. This invitation let each individual access today's Reiki in a more directed way. Second, today's card draw from Diana Cooper's 'Angels of Light' deck was WISDOM (full description below). I think the message of Wisdom came through today's energy to be accessed and empowering for every recipient. My greatest purpose as a Reiki Practitioner and healer is to give you the trust and ability to help yourself; to let you know how powerful and connected you are, and provide guidance and strength in that knowing.

I started today's session with White Sage incense burning, and included New Moon water, along with eucalyptus essential oil. Donations lovingly accepted here.


Knowledge is learnt, but wisdom is the divine prompting within you.

Your angel guidance is to connect to your still, quiet centre and listen to the wisdom of your soul. Then you will make decisions and act from your own infinite self.

With wisdom life takes on a new perspective, as dramas and fears become insignificant in comparison with the magnificence of the overall picture.

Walk your path in life as one of the Wise Ones and all will revere and respect you.

AFFIRMATION: I listen to my wisdom.

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