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Leading Light Reiki was created in 2019 to help you achieve your greatest peace, love & wellness.
About Reiki Master Teacher Michele DeCamp~

Continually in awe of the amazing experiences on her own healing journey, Michele fell in love with Reiki, Energy Healing, and the beautiful potential of both humanity and our universe!

With a deep desire to help people to find their inner wisdom, harness their inherent ability to heal, & move toward feeling the joy of their purpose in this life, Michele started Leading Light Reiki. 

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We are all resilient - our bodies and minds working endlessly to keep us safe and alive; we are constantly healing and regenerating.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, Michele is inspired to work with those passionate about finding and following their own healing path.  She offers individual Reiki sessions, and being a devoted animal lover, this includes Reiki sessions for pets and animals. Driven to empower each person to see their own inherent gifts and greatness, she finds abundant joy and fulfillment in her Reiki Classes of all levels, as well as additional training and gatherings in other areas of self-care.  Michele loves to incorporate a variety of energy healing modalities in her work, her teachings and her own daily routines, encouraging others to trust their own internal guidance and heartfelt knowing as they walk their personal soul journey.

Michele's Origin Story:

Inside several years of personal health struggles and chronic pain, Michele found some relief in meditation and mindfulness practices, that with time lead her into the world of Qi Gong & Tai Chi.  Over a couple years of practice she became more aware of her energy during these exercises and was intrigued to learn more.

She began studying various modalities of energy medicine which led her to receive, then become a student of Reiki.  Awe-struck and inspired by her experiences in class, with attunements, and with her own subsequent healing, she became incredibly passionate to be able to share the wonder of Reiki with others, especially in teaching and guiding them into their own Reiki empowerment and self-healing potential.

Michele is honored to share the gift of Reiki to help others grow in peace, love and wellness. 


If you'd like to learn even more about her background, you can follow this link to her interview with podcast host Sarah McArdle of "Women Who Went For It!":

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