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Join me for a free Group Distance Reiki Session!

I offer regular group sessions, sending Reiki to all those interested.

Simply let me know you'd like to join in to receive some Reiki Energy and I'll add you to the next session.

What else do you need to do?  Absolutely nothing. 

Once you've signed up you've set the intention to receive:  you will get the benefits of Reiki.  You don't need to believe in Reiki for Reiki to work.  You can choose to tune in and focus if you'd like to, but that is not required. 


Please consider reading these blog posts if you'd like to learn more:

   ~  What Exactly *Is* Distance Reiki?

   ~  How to Receive Distance Reiki

   ~  What is Reiki to Me?


You can sign up below directly via email, or by linking through or Facebook.

On Meetup my group is "Exploring Reiki & Beyond" and on Facebook my business page is @LeadingLightReiki.  I post each Group Distance Reiki Session on both sites at least a few days in advance of the session.  Enjoy!

Sign Up with:

I've been offering these free sessions since April 10th, 2020 ~

if you're able and want to contribute, I am honored and grateful:

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