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A Cellular Journey

This post is for my 04/15/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

After attending two lovely Cacao Circles earlier this week I felt inspired to bring Cacao and her energies into today’s session. I was further drawn to bring Reiki attention at the cellular level today, which I believe the Cacao will assist with, and I also chose sound frequencies and focus to support this intention.

The energy connection began like tall plants swaying underwater.

A nice gentle flow persisted for a while and then a message: We need to increase the potency of our medicine right now . Whether spiritually, or in self-care… it may feel like a little more effort, feel a little sour, intense, or rough, but that seems to be a necessary part in this stage of transitioning.

In a similar fashion, it’s a good time for picking up the bits and pieces around us that may have been neglected over/among/within the last two weeks. Gather and attend to them now, before time changes them, your impression of them, and maybe even changes you.

A vibration is building under the feet, inviting us to perceive it, then use this energy to connect in more with the Earth on a more consistent basis throughout the day.

A circling pattern of energy appeared a couple inches above the Crown, but off-center, above the left top of the head. Appearing like a halo, the edges moved from just above the crown to the top of the left ear. Moving counter-clockwise this energy seemed to calm and settle busy thoughts.

A pressure then moved from the base of the skull upwards (both sides), fully releasing in three waves.

A twinge at the low back brought attention to the whole Sacral area, with an energy appearing like a thin innertube surrounding beyond the body then compressing inward. At the center the Sacral got very hot and began churning as if working through some potent history that was connected deep within and expanding out into the aura.

I stayed with it, mostly holding my hands at the hips and low back, as various sensations and changes moved through the whole area. At one point the need for salt came through, so I held some Himalayan Rock Salt for a time as well.

It felt there might be more here related to kidney clearing, along with mineral, salt, and electrolyte levels – plus it’s always a great idea to be well hydrated, and to consume some extra water with Reiki experiences.

(A spoonful of salt helps the medicine go down..?)

With empty hands back holding the kidneys the last of the churning settled.

I did some sweeping around the aura, then drew a card for coming guidance: From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #2 JOURNEY, which I unintentionally drew sideways. Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re on a sideways journey right now – or drawn between two directions, not sure which is the right path. The number 2 today seems to speak as much as the card title, an insight into balancing dualities. We received the Journey card inverted last month, so even sideways, this may be progress! 😉 I’ll include both upright and inverted descriptions below, along with a picture, but for all the affirmation is: I’m attracting wonderful new adventures to me. My life is a blessing, taking me to new places – inside and out. (Perhaps there is conflict on whether to be working inside or out? Or how to balance the two?)

Take some breaths into the kidneys, drink a tall glass of water, and trust your journey is taking you right where you need to be, even if you’re picking up pieces or slowing down your pace. Sometimes letting go into the flow is just what we need to relax for release, and from there we find sudden clarity about what’s next.

Donations blissfully accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.

Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Movement, Relocation, Travel

Upright Pack your bags! The journey card foretells upcoming travel or a shift in location. It may be as simple as a vacation, retreat or class, or even a work-related trip. This card could also signal a move of residence or a job relocation. The upright position indicates that the plans should go off without a hitch. Still, be clear about your motivations and mindful of logistics. All of life is a journey, and this card is telling you that you have some exciting and inspiring adventures ahead.


You may desire to move or just get away for a while, but the reverse of this card could indicate a delay – or even a cancellation. Something could be standing in your way, or perhaps lines of communication may get crossed. Don’t let the potential changes upset you. Refocus your energy and be flexible enough to alter your schedule or destination as needed. Remember you can always create new adventures, even in your present location or situation. AFFIRMATION: I am attracting wonderful new adventures to me. My life is a blessing, taking me to new places – inside and out.

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