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Brainstorming Physical Resolutions

This post is for my 06/09/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Watery, foggy horizon


Wild lights

I was first drawn to the Solar Plexus, which felt to be holding some tightness. Then with attention this connected downward, through the Sacral and into the lower womb-space or pelvic bowl… not quite to the Root. I held here, along with the Solar Plexus, and felt many areas throughout the body tighten then release.

There was a lot of mind activity; hints of thoughts floating around the head-space. Not quite intrusive, but ideas forming, and distractions, all in the periphery.

Two or Three ego-like presences showed up in resistance. Dominant and destructive, but more out of naiveite than deliberation. These may represent recipient(s) whom are consciously open to receive but have parts/beliefs/elements or even external forces that are not as receptive. Yet, their appearance accepted the presence of Reiki, rather than being completely shut off. They persisted slowly and moved through a mental landscape fully immersed.

The Third Eye drew attention next, an expanse of darkness with shadows moving among shadows. Once again, an awareness of a persistence of thoughts on the horizon. The mind was actively trying to help but felt shut off from the higher connections the Third Eye could provide. The back-body became very tight in several spots, all at once, another sign of fighting movement or momentum: a general, visceral resistance. The body felt completely at odds with mental intention, so I held Reiki here for some time.

Eventually softening came into the back-body and it even began to feel like a peaceful falling. A slow and cushioned backward release with no sense of fear… a trust fall.

Perhaps with all the mental activity and bodily resistance the egoic presences weren’t individual recipients, but aspects of each self that needed to move through, be seen and acknowledged. Acceptance allowing release.

No inclination to a card draw today, but setup included doTERRA’s Malama essential oil, which I felt inclined to share about: it is a nurturing blend to help refresh, uplift, and remind us to care for both ourselves and our surroundings. I wish you all the best, a sense of rest, and peace moving forward.

Donations accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.

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