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Hot Ginger Releases

This post is for my 06/17/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Upon initial connection I saw images of heartstrings (and not the way I usually would envision them, these were like thick hairs coming out of the Heart). They plucked freely, without any action from me, feeling pangs of loss, and guilt, and regret upon doing so. It felt significant, substantial. Upon recounting this I feel even more-so this could be very transformative and take several days to really sink in.

From here I found myself more deeply connecting to each participant and seeing every being radiating perfect health - wholly complete – body, mind and spirit.

I saw nurturing growth, like an expanding seed, fully nourished. Bursting and rejoicing outward. A constant flow of love and trust, naturally cycling and giving back. This flashed between images of the human form, with life interactions, back into the seedling, and then in the minutest form, at the cellular level – each cell within us going through this joyous birth, healing and restarting, to expand perfectly and encourage others. They effervesced upward, transforming, and became new life breath for the plant, oxygen *and-so-much-more* for the human.

A coolness brought my attention to drop into the Root. Holding Reiki here brought up two locations of back pain. The first, from deep within the shoulder blades, of the verge of mid-back, connected in a line through both left and right; the second a low-mid-back/top of low back spot, which almost felt like an energy vortex, drawing in at about the size of a large grapefruit.

They came to feel lightly connected, like a V or triangle. I widened awareness out to observe them along with the Root, and felt a forward momentum was coming through the shoulder-points, radiating up in a way that encouraged looking at the ground. I wondered first if this was a reservedness – a lacking of motivation or momentum, but recalling the Root’s direction it felt more like an encouragement toward Earthing and expanding awareness to nature. That insight brought a lift into the shoulders and released the “grapefruit” forward, with a reverberation of puffing up stability through the gut.

Even at their newly lifted state the shoulders held weight – now with a sense of arched back, pulling them down and backward, which led to a lifting of the head. Still connecting with the Root I wondered if this may elude to a spirituality spaciness, or conversely a disconnection from higher power.

Grounding into the Earth and up through the Root, following further through the whole central channel, there did seem to be a block at the Crown. I widened to watch the shoulders with it, holding Reiki at both, and felt called to bring some physical movement into the upper back and arms. Doing so inspired the addition of Ginger essential oil, which after some deep inhales dramatically shifted the energy up and out of the shoulders, most releasing, with a little holding in the head space. I shifted into an observer role, simply holding Reiki and holding space here for some time, allowing points of energy I noticed around the eyes, jaw, and edges of the Crown. With time they dissipated and then fully faded from my sensation.

I went into a full body scan asking for anything else that wanted attention before closing. I found tense points at the left outside knee, left outside wrist, and left outside elbow – which all lit up congruently, and pretty intensely. These joints each felt strained and received some Ginger oil and Reiki.

From there my attention came to the Heart, which felt to be holding up the Throat in support. While largely loving and symbiotic, there was an air of a little restriction- and inversion. It seemed the Heart was holding the jaw for now, keeping it less mobile, and seemed to convey this is a time for less speaking and sharing, and more introspective work at the Throat space.

A roundabout aura of completion washed over me, which I realized was without a card draw – but it felt truly final and balanced. If you are someone who usually enjoys the card reading please feel free to contact me directly, and I’d be happy to pull one specifically for you in relation to the current energies and guidance until the next session.

Much Peace & Love -

Donations deeply appreciated, if you’re able.

(with continuing thanks to all who contribute!!)

Putting my supplies away, I felt drawn to add a note about Ginger:

While I’m often very impressed by the power of essential oils, today’s work with Ginger was one of the most dramatic and quickly significant I’ve had the joy of witnessing. So, if you have Ginger oil, the root itself, or any other natural form and feel called, see what comes up when giving it your attention – you may get inspiration in an allyship toward wellness.

(I also pulled out Arborvitae and Rose oils today, which didn’t get included in the session. Often just having their essence present serves, but I thought I’d throw their names to the Universe as well, given this special note.)

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