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Metallics Invite Drainage

This post is for my 10/14/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Draining, draining, draining is a part of the process, process, process.

The sandstone arch was an important part of today’s altar: both representing the porous and moldable nature of Earth, along with it’s perseverance, steadfastness and certainty. The hole, like a portal, is leading you somewhere…

Tuning into color may be helpful this week. For meaning, go with your personal preference and connotations, rather than what you may have read or learned. - There seemed to be a lot of purple and red for the first part of the session, when this guidance came through.

Metal as an elemental presence was also strongly felt, with multiple messages. At first it spoke of support, offered through wearing metallic jewelry (especially near the Heart) or carrying an intentional coin. Then, it felt more about protection, inferring even a thin, spacious, weak fence of metal bars or wire would provide more protection right now than traditional materials or solid structures.

It was about framing as well: a metal picture frame or the edges of a shower door. These led back to the sandstone arch in the altar. The hole allowing means for that drainage to flow through. To process freely.

Perhaps also eluding to minerals or trace elements in the blood.

Something came forth for attention in the bladder.

Triple hydration.

A navy blue pleated jacket on hunched shoulders.

I played some metal healing sounds which brough up a lot of tension in the head and spinal column at the neck. A image of giant thick and rusty springs appear at both sides of the neck. An external pressure was negating clear internal function. Once removed, the neck skin wanted to express its flexibility with pulling and dragging massage. This released the head tension, but also asked for more hydration for drainage.

Wilting. Waltzing. Weaving.

All my best,


Today’s card draw from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck was all about imagery, within the portal. I’m including the number and name below for reference only, as what you see in the image, and how it speaks to you, is the message of guidance for this week:

… How will we traverse our awaiting portal..?

… What do we need..?

Amazingly, 😏 it is the same card as last week: #39 FIFTH CHAKRA, ARCHANGEL GABRIEL, but it came out inverted, which directionally, in synchronicity, framed incredibly well with the sandstone.

Donations accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.

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