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Trust Your Throat Instincts

This post is for my 05/03/24 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

When starting creation of our altar today I applied an essential oil Soothing Blend starting at the Throat in a line down to the Heart, then two additional lines from the Heart to create a downward pointing arrow:  sending this soothing to all lower Chakras as well.  The Altar formation was partially inspired by recognition of various forms:  the way similar things can manifest in contradictory shapes.


I also felt called during preparations to note an energy of clumsiness this week:  dropping things.


In addition to the applied Soothing Blend essential oil, I set up two diffusers, one with Turmeric and one with Green Mandarin (in contrast to the Red Mandarin of our last group session).  I more commonly use Turmeric oil (and powder) internally, so this felt an interesting choice and one less familiar in diffuse form.


Once I began connecting there was an impression of a time for cleanup, with murky waters seen. Then chasing something – like trying to catch a bit of debris floating in water… even when in your possession it manages to slip through many times before true embrace.  Harder still when the waters are murky.


The earthy Turmeric scent presents like a dormant fire – ashes removed of smoke, but their transformed earthen essence still present.  Musty and apparently depleted, but in truth a potent canvas for powerful new growth.


Resources for cleanup and restoration are just as important as resources for creation and continual nourishment.  The Green Mandarin shines here.


Something passive in the left eye.


What is there to shed?  A buildup has been occurring as part of the healing process, and is now ready to release, via something acid or antiseptic.  A first thought of lemon juice:  It may sting.  Then the idea of someone peeing on another’s jellyfish sting to relieve it, with the greater insight that you may need the help of someone outside to trust and endure these last “stinging” steps – like a band aid removal.


This all started feeling a little overwhelming, so I sensed a need for anxiety relief as a “Root” theme for the remainder of the session.


With this focus in mind I added a card draw for additional continuing guidance. From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck with image and full description below:  We received an inverted BROKEN HEART #9 (is it a 6 if inverted?).  Something ended, and yet now moving away from grief to all that exists Beyond…




The heart quickens.  Pulsing has been potent this week.


What is moving?  Avoid stagnation.  Any movement will get your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and is necessary for healing.


I could feel that some of the fullness/thickness of what was ready-to-be-shed had already sloughed away… about 30%


Holding at the Heart and thinking about soothing both the Heart and the Root.


Realizing the Throat is providing some guidance here.  It feels to be key in organizing all lower alignments. Trust what your throat and inner voice is telling you over the next week:  Go with your Throat.  (like “go with your gut”)


Remember too, there is residue when we shed.  Like the turmeric-scented old ashes.  Something remains behind after any transformation, and that must be tended to.  With intention or as a physical gift to the Earth – making these gestures is critical to our release processing.


I spent the closing portion of our session honoring the cleansing process of our shedding and tended to its cleanup. Encouraging any additional energy movement needed to cement this clearing.


Thinking of wholeness; whole body; whole health; and restoring that which had been removed with divine and wise pure life force energy for our highest good.



Replace what you take.

Stay in Flow.


Donations lovingly accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.


Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Grief and Loss


   The Broken Heart reversed marks a time of renewal and hope.  The pain and trauma are behind you now, and you can trust that greater joy is on the way.  Whatever has happened to hurt you in the past, you’re now free to move on.

   The Universe has much better things in store for you, so finish letting go of any residual grief and open your life to your new self-loving intention.  Joyous connections will follow.

Affirmation:  I release the pain of the past and live with compassion for myself. Love heals and renews me now.

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