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Vital Forgiveness

This post is for my 03/29/24 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

For today’s setup and session I invited Mama Cacao.  Provider of great Earthing and grounding, while heart-opener.  I prepared a ceremonial cacao using Ora Cacao’s Vibrant Vitality blend, and added cinnamon bark and lemon essential oils to further strengthen the vitalizing and reenergizing aspects (from Mama Cacao; from the Earth; from the recent Full Moon).


I setup our altar and following suit from last week’s session was inspired to draw a card as a focus word from Diana Cooper's "Angel's of Light" deck. 


We received:  Forgiveness


As I continued setup and completed the altar there was a feeling that this idea of forgiveness today was too intense; too much “to digest”.  Then wisdom came in:  “this is a layer”.  Take a bit, stir it in, and add it to what-else you’re requesting and interested in working on.


As I began the session I felt the full presence of Mama Cacao, showing up as The Goddess Body.


Settling into connection I found much of this theme-word is hitting as self-forgiveness:


Naked but full.

Stripped down.

As a child (infant).


I got the message that the Reiki and the cacao are helping with forgiveness.  Letting it move with you, through you, through the energy bodies.  We make a choice to be vulnerable.  Not when it’s easy, but when we’re ready. Subtle charges are moving within you to support this process.

Hinoki essential oil is diffused with a hint of residual cinnamon.


Two more layers today (within this session).  The first is a little hesitant and messy.  Sit with the breath and simply be.  This feels all in the head.  A combination of the Crown and Third Eye chakras battling with an overactive prefrontal cortex.  The push into doing… into thinking it through.   Rest in feeling.  Just breathe.  Let these energy centers settle back to flow as they assuage the mental resistance.


The world behind your eyes emerges.  A whole globe within your upper head.  Feel the infinity.  The vastness.  The Crown and the Third Eye hold your connection to everything:  first through intuitive connection, and then spiritual.


Next Layer:  We are ready to move back into the body.


While accessing those upper centers can be deepened by placing the tongue to the top of the mouth (just behind the upper teeth), now we move downward, placing the tongue behind the lower teeth.


This feels most tied into the Sacral, with connections on both ends.  It lights up like a division sign:  a line across the Sacral attached at both upper hips, with associated dots representing the Root and the Solar Plexus.


I imagine holding Reiki as a giant beachball sized bubble encompassing the whole symbol.  At this awareness everything softens and flow returns rather readily, save a point of tension holding at the back of the Solar Plexus.  I envision the Reiki beachball moving deeper, now holding this point at its center.


Mother Cacao has been working on our Heart Center from the start, while also tying everything through the Root with Mother Nature, but I notice an absence of attention toward the Throat Chakra through all of this.  At first this feels related to the idea of internal- and self-forgiveness, yet there’s a hitch that while you may not need to speak forgiveness out loud to others right now, the power of the voice self-spoken is more powerful than internal thoughts – it activates different areas of our brain (as does writing).  So, is the Throat balanced or is it playing dormant/neural in repression?


After holding Reiki here and watching, it truly feels calm and free.


If anything I’m drawn back again toward the Crown and Third Eye… and to finalize their treatment as well as the whole energy body wrap up, I am pulled toward a card.  From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received:  #27 WALKING AWAY, upright (full description with card image below).  Tied back into the opening idea and focus of Forgiveness, I feel even more strongly this is about self-doubt and self-acceptance - that in Walking Away you may be scared of hurting another or discounting what you’ve spent much time and effort on.  This card is about releasing that doubt and fear, because you know the time is right, and you’re ready to let in the self-forgiveness required to take the step.


We’ve spent the session building up connection, strength and vitality, while inviting vulnerability to see where we need to forgive ourselves and heal.  Now, we are ready to walk away.  I spent the closing portion of the session integrating Reiki with all these ideas and ideals, into the whole body, and energies bodies beyond, to balance and cultivate support and continuing strength.


(A new mudra found/used in closing:  thumbs on each temple, right pointer up, left pointer down- the first knuckle of the right middle finger and left pointer touch, and then press into the Third Eye.  On the left hand the three remaining fingers temple upward – middle finger touching the pointed pointer of the right hand, while the remaining three fingers of the right hand are curled downward.  I can see how this symbolizes many elements of the chakra treatment today, though I fell into this position naturally/thoughtlessly at the time.)


Sincere gratitude to all who Donate.

Today's Continuing Guidance Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Letting Go, Moving On


   This card shows someone walking away from an existing situation. She is closing the gate behind her and is walking away into a misty, unknown future. This card upright reveals that it could be time for you to make a similar decision. There may be something that you’re finished with, perhaps a career goal, a relationship, or a long-term experience of any kind.

   The familiarity of the situation may be enticing, but you’re now ready to look at your options on the open road ahead. In reality, an important new beginning is at hand.

   This card also indicates that now would be a good time to let go of an old habit, emotional pattern, or false belief. No matter how deeply ingrained a negative pattern may be, you now have the power to release it and move onto a freer, healthier way of thinking and relating to yourself and others.

   Whether it’s in the inner or outer world, this card is telling you that you have the readiness and resources to walk away from the old and move forward now.

AFFIRMATION: It is safe and comfortable for me to move on. I consider all my options and then take action on my own behalf.

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