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You've Got Strength

This post is for my 04/19/24 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I hear this title in the “you’ve got mail” voice…  Just remember “you’ve got strength!”  It is potent right now.


Setting up the altar was drawn with wands and creative energies, with the final addition of the angel box that powerfully supported the rest.  I utilized essential oils of Arborvitae, Red Mandarin, and Rose along with sound tuning for the Sacral Chakra. Then, to begin the session I drew a card for energy focus and guidance, which provided #50 ANGEL OF STRENGTH, Personal Power and Inner Strength, upright (from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, with image and full book description below).  This further imbibed such a supportive and uplifting energy to the altar and session.


Connecting and assessing the collective energies of the group I felt and saw a very systematic process working well.  Like mechanical production lines at a factory there was a consistent flow and rhythm with no hiccups or concerns, yet it felt a bit cold and sterile.  Looking closer there felt to be a lack of feminine energy and emotion, with a sense that even though everything is working there is a lack of balance, and even a lack of inquiry or review that may be preventing growth and change.

With Reiki flowing this felt to be an existing awareness, just recently coming to light for attention.  And in this awareness some tension is growing, maybe hesitancy to change something that appears to be ‘just fine’ as is.  The masculine drive for action and output being threatened by the idea of adding emotion and deeper analysis.  (All internal.)  A brewing fight-or-flight response is on the precipice.  Today’s Reiki may be enough to calm the previously brewing storm, as there was a sense mid-session of the clouds parting into a feeling of smallness and depression.  Letting emotion in began on the darker portion of the spectrum, hidden fears and questions allowed some space.  When acknowledged and accepted this instinct first was of helplessness, lack of options, feeling stuck.  These were required to be felt and go through to get to the creative possibilities of everything else.


From the darkness comes light, and so again that fades and cycles.  Much like the eclipses teach us, and even each moon phase, we need to move through both.  Emptiness is required to provide space for each new seed.  All throughout the Angel of Strength is with you!  You are able to handle the ebbs and flows, hard as they sometimes are, for the joys of the other half.


Today and every day is our chance to learn, “what’s next?”


Donations lovingly accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.



Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Personal Power and Inner Strength 


   This amazing angel brings the news that this is a time of increasing power for you.  It’s not the time to be passive or submissive, but to speak your truth and take action on your own behalf.  You are capable of taking greater control and directing your own destiny, for the power that comes from within reaches out to the Universe and beyond.

   Inner strength and unlimited resourcefulness flow through you at this time, helping you to create real results.  Call upon this wonderful angel and on your own inner resourcefulness to bring you the focus and resolve to do what’s necessary in order to make your dreams a reality.


AFFIRMATION:  Deep within me is an abiding strength that knows no bounds. I have all the power I need to achieve all that I want.

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