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How to Receive Distance Reiki

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Or rather, "Ideas on How to Receive Distance Reiki". There is no "correct" way to receive Reiki, in fact, there is nothing you need to do except ask and be open... yet, I've found many people are eager to learn more about receiving Distance Reiki.

As a Reiki practitioner and teacher one of my core messages is that there is no "right" or "wrong", no "must" or "can't", no "always" or "never" in the practice and experience of Reiki. For my students (and new or inquiring clients) I set a bedrock of instruction, information and guidelines that can help them understand some basics and history, but those are simply building blocks to create a foundation for their own observation and perspective. I further ask them to let their own intuition and experience guide them, while also understanding belief can be a limiting factor - so take the time to step back from or question any belief that becomes apparent... for perhaps there is something more, something different, something opposite to experience.

So, once again, know that there is no "right" / "wrong", "must" / "can't", "always" / "never" in the practice and experience of Reiki: I will explain my own thoughts and experiences below... and I realize that in doing so I am breaking those "rules-to-avoid-rules". I speak from what I have understood in the past, and use general guidelines to help share knowledge and expectations, but I also look beyond expectations, to miracles, wonders and the unknown. If your thoughts or experiences differ then I support you in finding what resonates clearest for you.

Getting back to the experience of Distance Reiki

As I've started offering free Group Distance Reiki Sessions to help us through the pandemic and social distancing, there are a few guidelines I can offer to help all who are interested receive Reiki, with or without their additional attention and focus:

There is nothing you need to do, unless you'd like to. Once you've asked for Reiki you've opened yourself to the energy.

Reiki will work regardless of your belief in or experience of it. Reiki creates balance in the body, helping our natural ability to heal work at it's highest potential. Our bodies are designed to restore and regenerate naturally, and Reiki assists those processes.

Once you've set the intention to receive the energy it is not bound by time. You don't need to be focused or connected at the time of the session if you're not able to, or available. Especially for my Group Distance Reiki Sessions, I realize the timing is not possible for everyone to tune in as I'm sending. Additionally, for personal sessions, sometimes clients may wish for Reiki to be sent to an event, such as a surgery, trial or meeting. While they are not able to directly participate or focus on receiving, the energy is still flowing to the situation and intention as pre-determined and requested.

If you are interested in making a more conscious connection to the Reiki energy you can choose to tune into it - either at the time of the session or sometime later that day. To focus on receiving Reiki you can do some conscious breathing, asking yourself to open, receive and experience, and just see what happens. You can create an environment around yourself like you might have at the spa or for a massage - music, lighting, incense, nature - whatever creates a relaxing mood for you. Since you're in your own space you have complete control to choose what will make you feel the most comfortable and receptive. (Even if you forget about the session, or get interrupted or distracted, you can always tune in later with the intention to be open to the experience of receiving the energy previously sent.)

You may feel a variety of things as you focus on Reiki Energy. You may want to stay quiet and still, or you may feel fidgety and want to move to release and/or absorb. You may fall asleep, or you may have many thoughts and emotions that are all part of the processing. You may sense vibrations, movement in or around your body, or feel heat or cool. Open your awareness and trust into your experience.

Reiki Energy will continue to work, flow and integrate, even after the session completes. I set the intention for any energies I send to work with and for the recipient, for their highest good, for as long as is possible. Additionally, energetic changes may take time to integrate and manifest physical results. Some clients find they sense energies for many days, weeks, and sometimes even months after a session. Students often feel the effects of their Reiki Attunement (the opening of their connection to Reiki channeling) for 21-days-or-more!

For my part, for Group Distance Reiki Sessions and for individual clients, I check in before and after each session.

For Group Distance Sessions I post when I am setting up, and check again right before I start the session, for any last minute additions. After Group Sessions I post a summary of my experiences and guidance from the session, with notes on what I felt would be beneficial for the collective to hear.

For Individual Distance Sessions I ask for any intentions or areas of focus at the time of booking, and will also check in (via text or email, as requested at booking) shortly before the session start time. I let them know that I'll also contact them when I complete the session, but there is no need to respond at that time: many clients want to continue to rest or meditate, or may fall asleep, so I don't want follow up with me to be a concern or distraction. Then I'll verify they are ready, and will let them know I am beginning to send Reiki. After a private session like this I also ask if the client wishes to hear my experiences or impressions, which is a purely personal choice: some recipients are looking for intuitive guidance, while others are solely interested in the energy, and others use their Reiki experience for their own intuitive guidance and clarity.

I hope this has been helpful answering questions about Distance Reiki Sessions.

I'd love to have you join a free Group Distance Reiki Session, or to schedule an individual session with me, so you can try it for yourself!

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Stella Rose
Stella Rose
Feb 15, 2022

Thank you so much for the information. I am interested in a distance Reiki session and often wondered how this worked.

Michele DeCamp
Michele DeCamp
Feb 15, 2022
Replying to

You’re very welcome Stella, I’m so glad it was helpful. If you’d like to schedule with me you can use one of the links above, or email me at - or if you’re looking at another Reiki Practitioner, then I wish you all the best in peace & wellness!

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