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Acceptance of Each Reset

This post is for my 12/03/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

For my numbers friends:


1 2 3 2 1

I started today by sending energy toward a big mental dump – there felt to be a lot of thoughts, logic, and distraction to clear, to open toward healing at deeper energetic levels.

Bringing in support from the Earth I began a chakral sweep upward. At the Root there was a tightening in the left glute, holding stiff and immobile. A feeling of something unexpected – out of the ordinary – changing routine and causing discomfort… a need to adjust. This feels like a setback, but you’re still in control. Reframe the bigger picture and you’ll find it’s easy to reset and regain composure.

A need for breath showed up here as well. Keep moving the air. Let the breath ground, and restore safety.

A need for touch in support here, too. Putting on lotion and/or giving a gentle self-massage could be very centering, and just what is needed to feel back on track. Even something as small as dropping into the moment and appreciating the feel of clothing against the skin.

Moving to the Sacral chakra there was stiffening at the outer sides of the thighs -the IT bands. This could be fatigue from strafing – more of the feeling of strain from having to move sideways, to continually readjust. Perhaps this has been a constant battle lately – a first manageable, and now exhausting. Reiki went to these ideas and muscles.

At the Solar Plexus a strong vibration of personal pride, waiting to be honored. Notice how you’ve managed, all the adapting you’ve been doing, and really feel proud in this. The idea of allowing pride -allowing celebration- opened the Heart as well. Both chakras connected and expanded, sending healing frequencies throughout the whole body.

The message at the Throat was specific to stilted speech. Sometimes saying words is all it takes to move energy. Even alone, to yourself, speaking out loud possesses power. Sharing right now with voice feels more important than journaling, for fully processing. Venting to a non-reactive friend, if that’s possible, or I see some of us sharing with our pets. A spoken expression of, “I’m just so frustrated!” (or fill in the blank) might provide a huge release.

A neediness at the 3rd Eye was felt – a wanting to tune in but feeling like you really have to try. A couple of deep breaths to let go greatly opened the Reiki flow here and brought in an air of optimism. The indigo blue energy was then potent and uplifting, with the nudge to encourage use of this color in your space, clothes or practices, if this is an area you’re working on. Bringing trust of progress back into this chakra really cleared and released the upper back and shoulders.

The Crown felt stable, and in a way, secondary. Not asking for much energy or attention, but retuning to the lower needs, which all felt to tie back into the earlier Earth and Root work. The crisis lately has been of the body and mind – and mayhap this whole session was a deep dive into the introductory mind dump. Letting thoughts fade away to tune into the physical, and then the emotional needs behind them. Know you are spiritually supported, and if that’s been feeling second-place lately after so many distractions, it might be an area to retreat for a peaceful moment, to find comfort, rebalancing and security.

A closing sweep came with a feeling of relief and rebirth. There is so much fun to be had!

Lastly, I drew a card requesting guidance for the coming week. We received, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, #19 REST AND REJUVINATION (full description and picture below).

In setup I applied NOW’s Good Morning Sunshine essential oil blend on decolletage, hands and wrists. I lit a lovely new alchemical candle, and Ceremonial Cacao was consumed to pass on strength, confidence, resilience, and Heart health (on all levels)!

…Then, after closing, as I was putting the cards away, another card jumped out at me, and it felt important to share: #29 THE WORLD (full description and picture included below as well).

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Today's Cards

both from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Relaxation and Meditation Upright This card shows a man in a meditative and tranquil state. The message here is that it’s time to relax! You may have been busy lately, but you should soon be finding more time to just let go. When you do, allow yourself to go within and open up to the peace and wisdom that are vibrating there. This card upright indicates that there should be more leisure time for you now - and more of an opportunity to engage in peaceful thinking. So make it a priority! Your connection to Spirit brings great assistance, but it can only be achieved through regular relaxation and meditation. Now is a great time to make sure you insert this gentle activity into your daily life. In many ways, this is far more productive than unceasing action. Reversed When the Rest card is reversed, it can portend a time of bustling activity and seemingly unending business. You may be required to take more action concerning a project or situation. Allow yourself to do what’s needed, but always remember to schedule some leisure time for yourself. When you hurry through life without a break, it fragments your energy and creates an abrasive life force, causing potential frustration in all sorts of ways. Be careful not to let endless tasks take you away from yourself. The “have to” items on your list may be calling you, but this card reversed is telling you: Take the time to meditate, rest, and relax! Affirmation: I make relaxation part of my daily life. Peace and quiet bring me clarity and joy.

fortuitous Bonus Card


Expansion, Opening Up Reversed Receiving the World reversed means that you’ve been severely limiting your view of things. You’re thinking too narrowly either in your options for action or in what you feel you deserve. You may be feeling boxed in by old ways of doing things, not quite sure of how to expand. This card calls for you to think creatively - outside of the box you find yourself in now. In addition, you may have emotionally painted yourself into a corner - surrounded on all sides by energy such as fear, short-sightedness, limited thinking, or self-doubt. But you still have the option to let all of that go, and this card is telling you not to wait a minute longer to do so! It’s time to break out, see the unlimited horizons around you, and know that the world is waiting for you to take center stage! Affirmation: My life expands into boundless horizons with unlimited, powerful energy. A world of possibilities is open to me now.

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