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Connection & Compassion

This post is for my 12/17/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

With the Full Moon tomorrow and Solstice next week, a lot of potent energies are going around. I felt drawn to Earth connection today, but not just working with those energies, more specifically understanding our place and interaction with the Earth.

While we have such opportunity to make an impact, and make a difference, we can also respect how tiny and inconsequential our presence is on the Earth. Seeing the celestial overlaps – how the Earth itself is a miniscule piece of the Universal puzzle, while our cells within our body are much like humans on the Earth.

Each cell is critical to our existence, as it works with the collective to affect the whole bodily picture. I envisioned cells moving along, clustered and following the momentum in a vein, much like people following the momentum of a holiday line.

Understanding our impermanence, but letting that come together with our power – especially as a collective. Seeing more of our similarities than our differences, and honoring the reflection.

With all of this awareness most of the Reiki flow went to the Sacral and Root chakra regions – spreading wide throughout these areas and connected body parts. Tuning into the compassion found when we honor this connection, and sameness, the Heart also began filling and processing in balance with the other two.

From here Trust became the message: Trust what you do matters, Trust in the small details, Trust in the ripple affect made to the bigger picture. Kindness magnifies exponentially.

Watching these wide chakra affects showed some major energetic movement in the outer layers of the aura. Movement across levels, crossing over and adjusting beyond the generally expected process and effects. All of this happening with me as an observer, noticing great changes as the energy jumped -as if across space and time.

These shifts led to the vision of a wide plateau of new possibilities. Unknown and vast, a little intimidating – but a totally blank slate we are being offered. Largely unfathomable, it felt like stepping out onto a new planet. And knowledge nudging back to the planetary awareness that we can’t even process the vastness of the far-reaching, ever different and changing corners of the Earth. To be presented with something so totally new there was a great wonder and curiosity building. I held Reiki flow in this expanse for the reminder of the session.

As closing card draw for guidance with this Full Moon cycle, we received, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck: #36 SECOND CHAKRA, ARCHANGEL ARIEL (full card description with picture below). Further embracing and acknowledging the Sacral chakra and further bolstering the importance of connection. This card came up for both directions, an abundance and a need for nurturing in each of us, so read both the upright and reversed descriptions and see what touches you.

A palo santo clearing started the session, while a mixed-essential oil candle burned throughout. Today’s altar embodied the Earthly, circular, planetary, and transposition energies I felt upon setup.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Intimacy and Creativity

Upright Your second chakra vibrates in the energy of the beautiful angel Ariel. She sends a bright orange energy, promoting inspired creativity and greater comfort with intimacy. When this card appears upright, it’s urging you to get creative. Let yourself reach out into unexplored areas of self-expression and new projects that may have a more creative approach. This is also a time when the energies of closeness with others - and nurturing yourself - can flow more freely. You can now open yourself to the emotional intimacy that may be coming your way. So nurture yourself and be ready to receive the affection and camaraderie of the resonant souls around you.


When this card is reversed, you may find that your creativity is being blocked. If this is the case, you might need to take more risks and open up to new and different ideas.

Go inward to find the feelings that may be causing this blockage. Call upon Ariel to help you release old fears and self-limitations. Affirm that you are open to Spirit’s love and creative inspiration.

This card reversed can also signal problems with intimacy of all kinds, and issues of sexual intimacy in particular. Visualize Ariel spinning a beautiful light in your second chakra, calming and healing the energy there. Know that real closeness can be both safe and comfortable for you, and that you deserve a depth of sharing in your relationships.

AFFIRMATION: My second chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state. I am creative and self-nurturing, more and more comfortable with the gentle waves of intimacy coming my way.

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