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Deep Restoration... with Praying Mantis & Sun Lion

This post is for my 08/05/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

This was a very fun session where I used a light and sound headset for about 35 minutes of our connection. I've been using it for personal meditation and practice, and felt inspired to add the benefits for today's Reiki transmission. While the light and love of Universal Reiki Energies are the core of my practice, I love adding support from other areas (crystals, stones, plants, light and sound) the assist and invite their own benefits to work through me for all of you!

I started preparations with some salt for clearing and purification, and to provide protection throughout the session, then I setup today's altar. As I began connecting I did a sage clearing for each participant as well.

I chose a theta soundtrack with coordinated lights and dropped into full connection, sending Reiki to each of you and all who are open, for the highest good in all things. I felt a very strong energetic empowerment with the light and sound therapies, and a continuous connection to angelic support as well. Early on I saw a praying mantis, an animal whose spiritual meaning I was not familiar with, so I looked it up after the session:

I found a wide variety of interpretation, but common themes of spirituality and stillness (which comes up later in our session as well), including a reference to angels watching over us (which I had experienced just before my mental image of the praying mantis). I also felt intense peace and relaxation just after the image, which matched with many notes I read, calling the praying mantis a symbol of meditation, mindfulness and peace. For me the image was just of the face and head, not including the titular hands or body. If this resonates with your or brings some imagery to mind you may wish to research further yourself - with many different references, search wordings and results, you never know what might pop up for you!

There was an overwhelming calm and continuing relaxation for several minutes, then the image of a sun lion - a lion head surrounded by the flares of the sun, golden and warming. This provided intense energies, support and balancing to the front of all the chakras, and they felt to be flowing freely and joyfully. I noticed this to be a reflection of basking in the light - the sun lion's light, healing light, and a very one-sided clearing. (I made a note to give some attention to the back of the chakras after the light-work.)

A total stillness came over me, and the idea of accepting stillness in our lives. It felt so calm and relaxing, and seemed to also be an empowerment for deep, healing sleep in our next sleep cycle.

Above and out of the body I then became aware of a darkness, above my head, above where I could "see". I recognized this then as a black hole-like energy at the 8th chakra, the Soul Star Chakra. Located above our head and Crown, outside of our physical bodies, I don't often connect with this chakra in group sessions. While at first the darkness and black hole connotation seemed negative and inspired clearing, paying more attention it felt like an opportunity for transportation or transformation. Perhaps an invitation for us to create or enhance our connection to this out-of-body spiritual chakra and the energies of our Universal Spirit beyond the body and bodily limitations.

After observing and sending Reiki to the Soul Star I felt a call to clearing our spaces and environments. I started sending energies of clearing all around us, to help support our self-care healing and work, and to transmute any external or environmental energies that might be blocking or disrupting us. Several minutes into focusing on individual participant energies and spaces I got a very specific image that is probably just for one of us today: clearing the energy of a red-haired woman with reaching or long fingers or fingernails. I sent Reiki to that situation and continued with overall space clearing, which concluded the theta wave and light portion of the session.

Coming out of the light and music I moved my attention to the balancing energy support I wanted to share with the back of the chakras. Right away the Sacral drew Reiki, with a strong pull of very low back-into-hip tightness and pain. I worked here, and as it still was flowing I kept my left hand at the Sacral while moving attention up to the Solar Plexus. There felt to be a bar of energy across the Solar Plexus, down into the Sacral and up into the Heart. I held energy at both the Sacral & Solar, and as the Solar relaxed I felt the pull to the Heart increase. I kept my hand at the Sacral while moving attention to the Heart which quickly released into a beautiful blossoming flower. I often think of the Heart energy as green, but sometimes pink, and this flower was a blossom of continuous pink petals and green leaves, blending both colors in waves.

The waves of love and balance at the Heart then drew to a sharp pain at the right kidney. I held my right hand there until it dissipated and balanced, then focused back on the overall state of the back chakras. The Heart remained clear, and both the Throat and 3rd Eye as well, but there was a still a bar of connection from the Solar Plexus and Sacral, to which I continued to send Reiki. They felt complete right as our session time was completing as well, so I didn't end up with a card draw for us today! :)

Please enjoy this energy, opening to receiving it with compassion and understanding for yourself and your healing journey. It will work with you and within you for several days and perhaps beyond, if you're open to it. I hope it will also provide a deeply relaxing and healing sleep, as it seemed to speak to earlier in the session.

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