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Kidneys En-Lightning

This post is for my 03/31/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Setting up and gathering the contributors to our altar I discovered the colors came together both earthy and pastel, which felt to be a delightful tribute to the dirt and blooms of Spring.

To begin our session I cleared the space and all participants with white sage smudging, opening the fields to Reiki. Then I applied sweet and lovely Madagascar Vanilla essential oil to the neck and wrists.

As I started sharing Reiki I saw each recipient in energy form, while human-shaped, as light beings connected by a column of light to a blue-lightning energy sphere about 2-3 feet above the head.

These body-forms were androgynous and wholly perfect, while our physical selves are individual perceptions presented from these forms into the material world.

It wasn’t like sharing Reiki, for these energy bodies already existed totally connected to Source and free-flowing, it was more like sharing remembrance with our physical manifestations about this existing connection.

As these forms expanded in my awareness their individual matter-bodies started to become apparent, and from there a great golden light would burst through the Heart and 3rd Eye, shining so bright and spreading all throughout to shed away the old grey skin of life before.

About ½ the session saw these forms and their moves through phases of emergence.

Points of physical pain came through as attachments, or stagnations, and to each in turn I shared Reiki. First was a wide band at the mid-to-low back, then left gut. At one time I was holding both these points and they connected, then morphed, to points at the left and right kidney. From here the kidneys joined together, with a thin string bridge, held taught, almost as if they were trying to pull apart but held by tension in this connection. This built into strong pain with intense downward pressure. With a hand on each kidney I brought back the imagery of the energy bodies and their lightning orbs and held with the intention of Reiki for several minutes – I slowly lowered my head and neck in doing so, curling into a ball, then rocking forward and back, as the sensations gradually disbursed.

I settled back on a collective presence of the physical form, asking for guidance on any other areas in need of attention. There was an urgent need for water, and after several large gulps a palpable awareness of hydration spreading all throughout the body. A settling and cooling came with this, almost like stepping through a gentle sheet of falling water. This came back round to pressure at the tops of the kidneys, and in recurring, prompted the pulling of a card along with the use of Douglas Fir essential oil on the kidneys.

After applying the oil via the palms then taking some deep breaths of it’s essence before shuffling, the question that came up was “What do we need to clear?” (which seemed greatly on par with kidneys, hydration, and flushing away). From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received: #43 MAN HOLDING A COIN, inverted (card image and full description below). Perhaps there a holding to a male figure that you *know* is harmful to your wealth or health… or perhaps a clinging to funds in fear, when you *know* this is the right time, situation and place for spending, even though it’s innately uncomfortable (perhaps from an earlier trauma, related to a masculine figure). There feels to be a resistance to something your Heart and Soul know is a certainty- what should be a natural process.

I closed the session with Fennel essential oil on the soles of the feet, for grounding, strength and stability, along with assistance of kidney function (on both physical and emotional levels). With this I gathered a seed of Reiki energy at the Sacral and Root, to hold and further this intention (along with all todays energies) for integration and blossoming over the next two weeks.

Donations lovingly accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.

Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Male Connection in Money, Health, or Value Reversed

This card reversed reveals that you could be acting against your own best interests where money or health matters are concerned. You might be spending a bit too much or simply not be conscious enough about what’s really important. If that’s the case, become more aware of your choices and priorities, and bring more discipline to your life.

This card reversed could also be warning of a self-absorbed or dismissive man who may be out for his own advancement – even at the cost of your own. Be conscious of the critical or demanding men around you, and always remember that you alone determine who has the real power in your life.

Affirmation: I determine my own destiny. I take financial action and am receiving wonderful assistance from those around me.

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