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Octopus Wellness & Weary Eyes

This post is for my 07/15/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

When I first connected with the group today I felt a cyclone of wind energy coming into the Crown.

For several swirling seconds it came into the body at a fine point, then my awareness widened and I sensed the integration into the body. From the Crown it inverted, and fed our energy bodies which appeared like a jelly/cartoon-y octopus: a domed head and upper body that broke into many wide dangly legs; limply bobbling around with an energetic focus downward.

The legs felt to both connect toward grounding and to serve as energetic connections to others. At times they would ping and point out at an angle, just momentarily, to share with an outside focus, then drop back to the whole being.

After feeling into these connections and energy representations I started into a body scan. Originally I was planning to check the aura & chakras, but as I began I was led to focus more directly on the physical body.

I felt a strong vibration at both inner knees, and holding here started to feel it connecting downward. It traveled down the calf, into the ankle and heel, then out the big toes. I held with the vibration and sensed its movement for some time, and intrigued, I realized it was tracing a lower part of the spleen meridian.

Moving upward I was drawn into weariness and fatigue in the eyes, especially the right eye. I held with both for a long time, and eventually felt it largely loosen. Then there were a handful of twitches at the left outer eyelashes, which led me to move my hands and pool the Heart for a few minutes. Doing so fully disbursed any remaining tightness on the left side. I still sensed the right eye was holding some tension, and set to focus solely on it. It seemed to relate to worry, and the stomach. The sensations moved back and forth into and out of the right temple. Without much change I was called to try some lemon essential oil. More relief and release resulted, but there was a tiny twinge still hanging on, so I widened my lens back to the full body.

Next came attention to the back of the lungs. A tightness that received several minutes of Reiki, and bounced a little into the back of the neck as well.

With most areas released and flowing, but a couple areas lightly holding, I felt to move into a card draw for assistance. While my usual focus is guidance for the coming week(s), today’s card was more directly for guidance on releasing tension from the physical body, and where we may resonate with assistance for that. From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #4 HAPPY FAMILY, reversed (image and full description below). Perhaps familial and relationship tensions have been a big contributor to wearied and worried eyes, along with tightening at both the front and back of the Heart space, or the back neck. (I also noticed the card image somewhat resembles a wide domed octopus body, with the family members as legs.)

After the card draw I got the message to focus outside the body, so I set an intention to harmonize the outer fields, specifically attentive to about one foot outside the body. This felt to be an assistance for balance in what we’re radiating, and perhaps to mend/amend any difficult vibes that may be affecting relationships like the inverted Happy Family could represent.

In a final cleansing sweep I felt an intense draining. A downward pressure that grounded some deep tensions that were previously holding in the upper body. A strong and fruitful shift to wrap up the efforts of the day. Please enjoy all that you may have received and integrate for your highest good, as the day, night, and week continues.

Donations deeply honored, if you’re able.

(with continuing thanks to all who contribute!!)


Closeness, Fun, and Caring


When the Happy Family card is reversed, it indicates a separation or emotional distance from family members or close friends. This disconnect may be from your family of origin, such as your parents or siblings, or it may be that something is standing between you and your present family members, whether it be your children or your spouse.

There could be some hostilities that need to be worked out, or perhaps some fences that need to be mended. Communication and patience may be called for here, so let your intuition be your guide. Remember, real healing starts when you choose to become your own loving parent, sibling, spouse, friend, or child. A lesson in every relationship is self-honoring, and sometimes the karma is just to let go.

Affirmation: I open myself to a new and deeper experience of family, and I am ready to see greater happiness there. I know that I am the loving family that I need.

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