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Perfection in Creation

This post is for my 3/01/24 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Todays session struck both as a new start, and upon noticing the participants are largely female, I felt inspired to tune into the feminine energies.  While the date of the 1st felt potent for the new Gregorian month, I was also stirred to add in the Mayan Cosmovision energies and info, for which today is 10 Q’Anil representing community abundance and blossoming.  (For a full write up on the day and meaning, I recommend Mary Elmy’s “The Four Pillars” blog:


Setting up the altar there was the need to present a protective wall, as well as a portal – with a trio in-between.  I was drawn to both Pettigrain and Myrrh essential oils for this session as well.


In addition to my usual Oracle cards, I grabbed Diana Cooper’s “Angels of Light” deck.  These present one word to focus on.  Then, as I began connecting a couple messages came through:  Clearing out the old and starting fresh with a pure intention.  But not pure in a moral sense, more about refined and clarified purity.  A knowing that the clearing out is in process, but still being worked – it feels this session will be a catalyst to the final movement, and for getting the clarify to set your refined intentions out into the Universe.


Once I was fully tuned in and had stabilized an energetic rapport with the group I went for an angel card:  right in line with the opening wisdom, the card we received was CLARITY:  My mind is quiet, still, and clear. 


There was a warmth to the idea of mothering ourselves, mothering our feelings.


This brought an immense pressure in the womb space – something we are heavily pregnant with, something that is ready to come to life.  Today is the day of that creation.


Tend to the new with a mothering love.


An outside message:  What is the video of the video?  We are recording a recording.  This isn’t what is “true”.  It is all interpretation after the fact.


What is coming in fresh right now is soooo much stronger than what is being let out.


There is a lot of background noise happening – but it is all lovely!  Be careful of interpretation (misinterpretation), yet feel awed and grateful for all the moving parts that are coexisting in your periphery.

The womb pressure persisted through all of this, patiently waiting, waiting, waiting.  I tended to it solely with Reiki for some time at the end of the session.  I was moved to draw our card for looking forward, to assist with this birth: 

From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #21 STRATEGY, upright (full description with card image below). 

When we see with a mother’s love, what we create is perfect.  All the pieces are aligned for this new creation to be and become exactly what you hope and need.  With faith and love the clarity required to refine exactly what you’re creating and how it will evolve is in your hands right now.


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Today's Card for continuing guidance

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck



Making A Plan


   This card shows a pen, journal, compass, and key. When you receive this card upright, it indicates that this is the optimum time for setting up a very specific strategy for achieving your goals.

   Write about the direction you want to go in. Consider any potential change in course that may be needed. Be aware of the particulars regarding your goals and have some conscious plan in mind. Structure the short-term goals needed to make your long-term goal a reality.

   This card is telling you to spend some time setting things in order. It’s time to take full control. Add thought to action, and set your sights on the road ahead.


AFFIRMATION:  I plan the necessary steps to achieve my goals, and I am willing to take action in that direction. I am flexible, persistent, and prepared.

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