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Scorpio's Unsettling Full Moon

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

This evening (in the US), the 26th of April, brings the Full Moon in Scorpio, which astrologically really packs a punch. The energies may feel overwhelming, disjointed or even deeply unsettling. Though called the Pink Moon for the early pink blossoms and moss we see this time of year, the feelings will likely be much farther from rosy for most of us.

While the full moon usually comes with emotional intensity, the alignments around this moon take some stark contrasts and lean toward separatism, with possible issues in relationships and communication, where neither side will feel willing to budge. Scorpio also can bring out the desire for privacy or secrecy, which could make conflict more likely if we push to make deals, plans or enter negotiation when we're not feeling it.

I held a card draw today to recognize this cyclic peak and to help provide guidance for the coming weeks. Allow yourself the space and breath to process what comes up, and consider using this card reading for some peace or reflection.

You may wish to ask a question in regards to this reading, or see if there's a topic that comes to mind that you'd like assistance with. Tuning into these energies and messages may be done with intention, or completely open-minded to the flow. See what feels right.

I felt drawn to Diana Cooper's 'Angels of Light' cards for today's reading... perhaps the words will be clarifying and concise in this otherwise confusing combination of emotions. Images with their own full descriptions are included for you to read, but here is a summary:



I choose for my highest good.



I communicate clearly and honestly.



I welcome and nurture the new in my life.

Right now Choices may appear difficult, so really feel into them. Assess from your head, but then feel from your heart. And, if a choice doesn't feel right at the moment, ask yourself if it can wait.

Communication could be strained or charged under this full moon, so step back and stay heart-centered. Remember to listen and stay authentic, or make space for yourself when you don't feel empowered to do so.

Lastly, the full moon brings great power and potential, even if the emotions are a lot - they give us the opportunity to see, learn and move forward. Honor the Beginnings that may come from clearing out the old and feeling through anything tough that comes up for you now, something beautiful and new is always starting.

May you be peaceful

~Moon Blessings to All!~

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