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Women Who Went For It!

I recently had the wonderful experience of being interviewed by Sara McArdle, Career Change Coach and host of the podcast "Women Who Went For It!" Sara's inspiring show features women who made a major career pivot, motivated by a drive for greater purpose and fulfillment.

I had the privilege of meeting Sara at The Creativity Loft in Shoreline a couple months ago, where she was co-hosting a workshop I attended called "Creating a Life You Don't Need a Vacation From". She & Kristen Jawad developed the event to help attendees zero in on the feelings they want most in their life, and then how to connect with and cultivate those feelings on a consistent basis. We enjoyed a sound bath by fellow Reiki Master Gail Kronberg while we were given time to reflect with a thought-provoking questionnaire, crafting materials, and essential oils.

I got the chance to speak with Sara both during and after the event about my Reiki business, and when she heard about my prior career, as well as the health struggles that led into dramatic life changes, she offered me the awesome opportunity to be a guest on her show. She asked me to share and recount much of my journey, which proved to be cathartic - both in the interview and in my own recollections (as well as my reflections before and after our talk). It was helpful to view my working life as a whole, and I didn't realize how little I've thought of my life 'before pain' - other than with that label - so very generally. Rather than looking at my type-A, success-driven past as the lifestyle that brought me into health crisis I found I've reached the point where I can be proud of my work ethic and accomplishments, and grateful for those experiences on their own; really respecting that period in my journey.

Sara is incredibly welcoming and compassionate, and I love that she is driven to share the stories she does, to help empower all women to find happiness and fulfillment in their lives - such an important goal for the betterment of communities, the collective consciousness, and our whole planet!

I will post a link when my interview is available at the end of this month.

In the meantime you can find other Women Who Went For It! podcast episodes at .

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